Putting Together a Gallery Wall

one of my favorite things that i've done with my d├ęcor is build a gallery wall. i love how it fills the space so well, while remaining interesting and not overwhelming. gallery walls can be tricky, though. picking out the art, objects, and other pieces to be a part of it is a process. i spent several weeks thinking through and collecting all of the things that you see. i wanted a cohesive theme, but also a good mix of types of art. several months later, i'm still so happy with how it turned out. i wanted to share a couple of tips and tricks i learned along the way.

pick a color scheme 
if you're going for a large gallery wall like mine, it's best to think through some type of color scheme. whether you decide to go with neutrals, pops of a color, or all brights, it helps to know what you're looking for when you start collecting items. i knew i wanted it color-free so that i could have all the freedom to have color elsewhere in my room, if i decided to do so. black, white and gold was an obvious choice for me because i already had several things i knew i could use. plus, it was easy to find additional art in those colors! 

mix texture/pattern/material
while a gallery wall of just frames is still a fun way to decorate, i love adding in different textures and materials. having different depths to things helps add dimension and really make the whole thing pop, literally ;) 

keep words to a minimum
while i love a good word print, i really had to pick and choose which ones would go up on the wall, so as not to be too wordy. a print with words already adds so much more to a wall than just a piece of graphic art, so if you fill your gallery wall with words, they will get lost and become less noticeable. i ended up using just three pieces of art that had words on them, the rest of the wall being objects or shapes. 

choose a centerpiece item to build around
if you're having trouble getting started, choose a centerpiece item to serve as your first item on your wall. mine was this large metal ampersand that i love. once i added that with the existing prints that i had, i knew i had my theme and just needed a few more items to complete the wall. 

vary shapes and sizes
another way to keep it interesting is to vary the shapes and sizes of your objects and art. if you end up using prints that are really busy, maybe use the same couple of frames to frame them all. if you have simpler art like mine, varying the shape, size and color, helped me to deliver the full impact of the black, white and gold, without having to fill the entire wall with things. 

eyeball it
trust me when i say that "eyeballing it" is so much easier than measuring out your frames and objects.  not to mention, it adds to the planned haphazardness of the whole thing. i like when gallery walls are imperfect. i would decide where i wanted a piece, hold it on the wall in the spot i thought it would look good, and nailed it up. or, you know, measure and have everything perfectly spaced out. it is your gallery wall, after all!

so, there you have it. just a few tips and tricks i learned along the way while putting together my first large gallery wall. 

for links to where the products in my bedroom can be found, check out this post. 

happy wednesday! 


  1. This looks amazing! I would love to create a gallery wall, but I don't have a good space for it in my apartment right now.

  2. umm.. when can I hire you officially to decorate my house?! Miss you!

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  4. Hi, Lauren.

    I did not see the "we walk by faith" sign on the other post's link. Where is it from?

    Thank you!

  5. Beautiful photos :)
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    Maria V.

  6. Hi. Can you tell me where the Blah Blah Blah shirt is from on your Instagram pics please. Thanks so much!! xo

  7. omg I just did a gallery wall in my room and I am in love with yours! Thanks for the great tips! You really know what you are doing.
    xoxo, Julia

  8. I love how it looks! X

  9. Love how you arranged everything!! Can you share where the 'Walk by Faith' and pineapple prints are from? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Krystle.

      I did not receive an answer from my "We Walk by Faith" poster inquiry so, perhaps Lauren found it at a different store than the one I did while Black Friday shopping - Hobby Lobby.



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