The Newest Addition

my catlady-ness has reached a whole new level...and i couldn't be happier about it. yes, that is an illustration of my cats. yes, it is currently residing on the walls of my office. YES, you better believe i look at it many times throughout the day and think something along the lines of, "ohhhhh they're so cute!"

the best part is that i had the option to pick between an illustration of Mike and me, or of the cats. it was a no-brainer.

not only is it a piece of art of two of my most treasured creatures, but it is hand-drawn. i'll give you a minute to lift your jaw back into place after it fell so far. i'm also so impressed with people that have the gift of drawing, illustrating, painting, or any other type of art that they do with their hands. while i'm a pretty creative person, i can only go so far as a stick person. a gift for drawing, i did not receive. 

you're so impressed with it that you just need to know more about the artist, don't you? let me fill you in! 

Katrina is the owner and artist behind Blushed Design.

Blushed Design is a place where brides of any budget can go to receive custom wedding papers and personalized gifts.  Blushed began as I imagine many other Etsy shops begin: I was just doing what I love.  Being the "artist" among my friend group, it has not been unusual for me to create my friend's wedding papers, providing a customized, but expensive look on a tight budget.  This continued until earlier this year (2015), when I finally decided to take the leap and convert my seldom used Etsy shop into a hot spot for custom gifts and brides on a budget. Lots of work, and many prayers later, I have stepped almost entirely away from the corporate world and have engrossed myself in the chaotic world of weddings and illustration. And I could not be more thrilled, and I look forward to seeing what else God has planned for this little adventure! When I'm not working on designs for the shop, you can find me running with our high school Cross Country team (go eagles!), eating my weight in moose tracks ice cream or dancing to nothing.
that's not all! you get a car, you get a car, YOU GET A CAR! (sorry, seemed like an appropriate time for a total Oprah moment) 

but, really, Katrina is offering a 2 person portrait (valued at $55) OR two calligraphy hearts (valued at $30 each). that's right, winner decides! all you have to do to enter is follow @BlushedDesign on Instagram or sign-up to receive her newsletter
(enter for yourself or to give to a loved one for the holidays!)
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  1. Your office looks ADORABLE! I love the newest addition and all of the decor you've got going on.

    XO, Jaime |

  2. OMG I'm dying. Just thinking about how beautiful my Lois Vivian (yes, that's my cat's name) would look on my wall. She's a blue eyed Siamese beauty. Ah, the cat love is real.

  3. cute! Katrina is one of my dear friends, i love seeing her beautiful art displayed in other peoples homes.

  4. SO cute! I would go for a portrait of my cats over me & my man too! :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  5. So pretty! You always find the cutest stuff!

    Allison over at

  6. I would totally get a drawing of my cats! I'm working on cat gallery wall right now and something like this would be perfect. I can't seem to find the prints I had imagined!

  7. That illustration is so adorable! I got my first kitten ever and I'm totlaly in love! 🐱❤️

    Tokyo Blossom Boutique


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