The Sincerely Box

one of my favorite things to browse at a store are the paper products. whether it's cute notepads, notebooks, or cards, i always get sucked into checking them out, and usually leave with (at least) one in hand. i have a box of cards sitting in my office that are perfect for just about any occasion, so i always have one on hand for whatever i need. 

Checking In

holiday time for a business is no joke. most of you know by now that my "day job" is running Elisabeth Ashlie, which i love and enjoy doing everyday. since we launched The Dearly Box back in October, we've been churning our wheels a million miles a minute. then throwing in Black Friday/Cyber Monday and regular holiday orders, and i'm breathing, sleeping, eating all things EA. which means that i'm not making time to get ready most days, which then means that i'm not exactly in a position to take photos of my outfits...hence the quietness. 

so, i'm officially taking a break until 2016. well, with actual blog posts, that is. i'll still be grammin' and tweetin' and snappin' (@laurelizabeth4), but there likely won't be a new post here until January. i'm not making any promises, though, i could surprise you with one so don't go too far. 

have the happiest holidays! 

Tough Lace

happy thursday, friends!

this has been one of the most stressful weeks i've had in awhile, but i'm happy to say that i'm back on the upside of things, and just in time to celebrate getting another year older tomorrow! however, that does mean that i have to venture to the state office today to renew my driver's license and get a new photo taken, which i'm mostly dreading because it's the state's office and nothing good every comes from going there.