Self-employment: taxes, bookkeeping, and why you need an accountant

if you were to ask me my least favorite part of owning a business, it's bookkeeping and tax time. as far as i'm concerned, they're the living worst. after more than 5 years in business, i'm finally getting the whole "keeping records" thing down, albeit not without many mistakes and errors.

Get Ready With Me: Everyday Makeup

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on days when i actually wear makeup, this is my routine. some days i'll throw on a little eyeliner or lip color, but most days are just like this. it's easy and quick enough to help me feel put together, but not overly done.

A Day in the Life

i love reading "day in the life" things like this. i'm always interested in how other people spend their day: what they prioritize, how they operate, and what they spend their time on. being that i work from home, i'm especially interested to hear how other work-from-home people schedule out their day, because every single person is different. some people keep strict "office" hours, others take it day-by-day. i'm somewhere in-between the two, with a routine that allows flexibility. 

Twelve Things I'm Loving Right Now

i tend to go through phases with things. one week i'll love it, the next week i'll be onto something different, just to come right back another week later. it's almost as if my personal style has a one week expiration date. but there some products/accessories/gadgets that resist the revolving door of my ever-changing preferences. and those are my tried-and-true, don't want to be without, goods. 

Self-employment: scheduling, finding motivation, and being productive

i was so surprised by your response to this post about my day job! i thought i was just going to clear up any confusion (like i said in the post, i've received a lot of questions about what i "do"), but i seem to have opened a can of curious worms! i received so many great questions regarding getting started, staying motivated, growing your business, and everything else. instead of just responding to the asker, i wanted to dedicate a new series to addressing all of these things. 

Skincare Favorites

as much as i love makeup, skincare might top it. about half of my week is spent completely make-up free, so i take extra care of my skin to keep it as clear as possible. plus, it's the one thing that you'll always have with you, so i figure i should probably care for it. i like to try out different products, but i have some that are my "tried and true" go-to's. 

My Day Job

i've recently received quite a few questions regarding what my "day job" is, so i thought i'd share my story, for those that don't know. while writing this blog is a fun hobby (and makes a little bit of money!) for me, my full-time, bread and butter job, is running a handmade and curated jewelry business, Elisabeth Ashlie.

Beauty Loves

i've recently become really interested in watching makeup tutorials and beauty bloggers on youtube. it's fascinating to me to watch how people can change (either slightly or aggressively) the way that they look with products. while i err on the side of a lighter, more natural look, i enjoy watching dramatic tutorials, too.

since watching these videos, i've heard about new products that i've decided to try and these are a few of my favorites:
Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna

Apartment Style | Living Room Redo

metal letters: Hobby Lobby | candles: Ikea | candle holders: Ikea (similar, similar) | glass boxes: Hobby Lobby (similar, similar) | plant: Target

i have a tendency to re-organize, re-decorate, and re-think rooms often. i like to keep things fresh and find new ways to use my furniture and decor. it's cool to see how a room can be transformed just by changing where the furniture is located in the room, too. 

IG Round-Up | 03

it's time for another Instagram round-up! 

i picked this coat out on Black Friday while doing some shopping with my mom, but had to wait until Christmas to wear it! it's quickly becoming my go-to pick for outerwear. it's surprisingly warm, too! (and it's an extra 60% off right now!)
coat: LOFT | jeans: Joe's Jeans via Nordstrom Rack | sweater: H&M (similar) | phone case: Rifle Paper Co | rug: Wayfair (up to 65% off) | sneakers: Steve Madden

Twenty Sixteen

i'm somewhere between "i can hardly believe it's already a whole new year" and "bring it, new year"...wavering between excitement for things to come and new goals to be achieved, but wishing that i had appreciated a bit more of all of the things that happened in 2015.