Get Ready With Me: Everyday Makeup

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on days when i actually wear makeup, this is my routine. some days i’ll throw on a little eyeliner or lip color, but most days are just like this. it’s easy and quick enough to help me feel put together, but not overly done.

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  1. Kate Bryan wrote:

    love the music!

    Posted 1.27.16 Reply
  2. Oh goodness! That sure is a ton of products and steps for such a bare minimum look! Do you ever do a simple makeup routine?

    Posted 1.27.16 Reply
    • This is the combo of products and techniques that creates the look that I like! Certainly, steps could be left out (like highlighting). If I'm going for bare minimum, it's just a little under eye concealer, filling in my brows, and a swipe of mascara

      Posted 1.29.16 Reply
  3. Unknown wrote:

    What's the mascara?

    Posted 1.27.16 Reply
  4. Has anyone ever told you that you look like Anna Kendrick? That's all I could think the entire video!

    Kristi | Be Loverly

    Posted 1.27.16 Reply
  5. Misty wrote:

    Why do you use a powder foundation after you apply your liquid foundation and concealer as opposed to say a setting powder?

    Posted 1.27.16 Reply
    • It provides the coverage I'm looking for, and seems to lock in he liquid foundation a bit better for me.

      Posted 1.29.16 Reply
  6. Unknown wrote:

    I like that you can switch hands when you put your mascara on, that's talent :).

    Posted 1.27.16 Reply
  7. That was so fun! My everyday look takes about half the products, but I also look half as put together and lovely. LOL. Excited to try that blush! I love my Tarte face powder and would love to switch more items to that brand, and I'm about due for blush. Woop!

    Posted 1.27.16 Reply
  8. Kristin wrote:

    Yay for a new video! Do you think you might do more Q&A's in the future?

    Posted 1.27.16 Reply
  9. Leigh wrote:

    That's a lot more involved than my every day routine, but you look beautiful! Can I ask why the need for three foundations (Arbonne, Make Up For Ever, MAC)? Do they each serve a different purpose or do you feel like you need that much coverage. Love the kitty cameo in the background. 🙂

    Posted 1.28.16 Reply
    • It only takes me about 10 minutes! Like I said in the post, that's only when I actually decide to wear makeup, which is 3-4 days/week!

      I use the powder on top of the liquid for a t more coverage and to lock it in better. The MAC powder is almost gone, but it's a bit lighter than the other one, so I'm just trying to use it up and it works well over the concealer.

      Posted 1.29.16 Reply
  10. E. wrote:

    Dear lord woman! Why do you put so much concealer on when you don't even have dark circles and not that many blemishes? That is waayy too much.

    Posted 1.28.16 Reply
    • You just. Ant see it in the video, but I did need concealer on blemishes and under my eyes – it's really not that much!

      Posted 1.29.16 Reply
  11. E. wrote:

    Dear lord woman! Why do you put so much concealer on when you don't even have dark circles and not that many blemishes? That is waayy too much.

    Posted 1.28.16 Reply
  12. MelissaG wrote:

    That is a lot of foundation…and you have such beautiful skin. I recently read a post that were loving the Bare Escentuals Complexion Rescue and the regime that went with that. Not anymore??

    Posted 1.28.16 Reply
  13. scariebass wrote:

    I think this is a truly beautiful look on you! You have lovely bone structure, so the contour looks great.

    Posted 1.28.16 Reply
  14. Ashley wrote:

    Great video and as always GORGEOUS girl! <3

    xo @ashdonielle

    Posted 1.28.16 Reply
  15. Love this! Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo, Julia

    Posted 1.29.16 Reply
  16. Angie wrote:

    I always enjoy seeing what products people reach for on a daily basis. Don't listen to any criticism on the amount of products you use. To each her own. I have several in my daily makeup, too. I just enjoy the process and products!

    Posted 1.31.16 Reply
  17. Emily wrote:

    Love the video!!! I do liquid and powder foundation too. I like having powdered finish look.

    Posted 2.4.16 Reply
  18. Katherine wrote:

    How did you figure out which color in the arbonne foundation to purchase?

    Posted 2.13.16 Reply
  19. It take too much time to wear makeup daily. I have red how to keep your skin glowing this winter. But please share the tricks to wear party makeup. I am waiting for your next blog.

    Posted 2.18.16 Reply

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