i'm somewhere between "i can hardly believe it's already a whole new year" and "bring it, new year"...wavering between excitement for things to come and new goals to be achieved, but wishing that i had appreciated a bit more of all of the things that happened in 2015.

2015 ended up being a big year for me. 
Mike moved into an apartment in the city, which means that, for the first time in our entire relationship, we live within the same city limits (and just 15 minutes from each other)! i became an aunt for the second time. i am officially a member at Costco (yes, this is newsworthy to me - bring on the bulk purchases of toilet paper and wine!) i became closer to being 30 years old than i am 20. i rented my first rental car. i had my best year yet in business (!!!) and the Dearly Box was born. i brought on my first assistant for Elisabeth Ashlie. i moved for the 6th time in my adult life. and i mastered parallel parking in the city (mostly). 

2016 has something to live up to, in terms of milestones and personal achievements. i'm usually not one for new year's resolutions, mostly because i'm one of the thousands that doesn't actually stick to it past the second week of January, but also because i don't like failing to meet a goal that i set. so, i don't typically set goals. (maybe i should set a goal to set goals, and then i'll have to...) i have taken a bit of time to think through some things that i'd like to work on and accomplish in this year, so i thought i'd share them with you and ask you for yours! i always enjoy hearing what other people are working at or looking forward to, so please share! 

my goals/hopes/aspirations for 2016:

- to have better posture
- to have an even better year for business
- to drink more water
- to actually keep a calendar
- to travel more
- to participate in another half marathon/sprint triathlon or other athletic event
- to spend less time on my phone when i'm with people*

*this was one of the things that i tried to be more conscious of near the end of 2015, but it's still a struggle! 

they're all totally achievable and manageable, so i'm hoping that they will be accomplished!
i guess we'll see next year ;)

planner: Rifle Paper Co | mug: Anthropologie