Seeing Spots

it is the last day of February...HOW!?!??  it's also a Leap Day, which i've never really cared about, but i'm extra glad for this year since i have a lot of work to do yet in February (insert surprised/embarrassed emoji face here). this past week has been a little crazy with work, so i'm glad to have just one more day to accomplish all the things i wanted/needed to do in February. here's hoping i actually get it done!

A Weekend in Raleigh

happy wednesday! i'm just now getting a chance to do a little recap on my weekend trip - yesterday was a full day of work, catching up on things from the few days i was gone and prepping Dearly Boxes to be shipped this week! i had the best time in north carolina with my sister and nephews. that isn't out of the norm, but i feel like it gets just a little bit better with every visit because i can see all the new things that they've learned and picked up since the last time i was with them. there's something so special about watching a tiny human figure something out, like how to pick something up or how to explain what he's trying to tell you. 

Self-employment: marketplace differences, diversifying products, and keeping my sanity

the first 3 years of owning my business, i sold exclusively through Etsy. my sister had experience with Etsy before, so when we decided to try selling our creations, that was the obvious choice for a marketplace. we opened up shop and experienced great success with it! it wasn't until 2013 that i decided to sell through another avenue, my own website. after doing a bit of research, i decided to use Shopify as the platform for my own online storefront. over two years in, i'm still very happy with the decision and can see very obviously that it was the right business decision! 

Pops of Pink

wheeeeeeeew! it was quite the weekend over here, you guys. my bestie/roommate's birthday was on Friday, so i took most of the day off to spend with her. we went to a movie, got our nails done, and celebrated with some more friends later that night. the celebration continued on Saturday with brunch and then Mike and i met up with some of his family for drinks, since they were in the city for the evening. my car battery completely died on Sunday while i was at Starbucks, so i had to have my roommate and Mike come rescue me by helping me jump the car. and when i say 'helping me', i mean that Mike took the el all the way up here to do it all for me while i watched. he's my hero. we had a low-key Valentine's evening (i don't really care about doing anything for V-day, i just wanted to hang with him!) -- we started watching a new show and enjoyed some take-out food and at-home cocktails. it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday night, if you ask me. 

Self-employment: gaining customers, advertising, and the importance of social media

social media has been instrumental in the success of my business. it's changed quite a bit over the last 5.5 years that i've had my jewelry biz, but it's still just as, if not more, important. i use social media to gain customers, keep existing customers coming back, engage with my audience, and create the "need" for people to buy. 

Saturday Style | 36

most days i dress pretty darn casual. that's what i'm most comfortable in, and let's be honest, the only things that see me for most of the day are my cats and they don't judge (well, at least not based on my clothing choices). so it's usually jeans, oversized sweaters, or tee shirts and cardigans, rarely with accessories. so when it comes time for the weekends, i like to change things up a bit.

Top Twelve

you guys know i love my candles, and this one doesn't disappoint. i received it from a girlfriend for my birthday and have burned it minimally because i don't want it to run out! it fills the whole office with the best smell, and the glass jar is beautiful, too!

Office Tools I Use Daily

i very rarely work in quiet, so i love having this speaker to play my music or podcasts. plus, it's portable, so i can take it from my bedroom, to my office, to the kitchen without being interrupted!

Saturday Style | 35

i was pleasantly surprised by the weather Chicago had for us upon returning from Florida! after dressing for spring for a few days, i was dreading having to get back into my winter boots and heavy jacket, but we've been hangin' out in the 40's and it has been wonderful. it's also a good reason to start pulling out some of my Spring accessories. i'm starting to get to that point where i'm actually looking forward to integrating some more color into my wardrobe. i go into serious hibernation in the winter and wear almost exclusively neutrals, but the warmer temps usually make me reach for my softer hues and even a little pattern (!).