A Weekend in Raleigh

happy wednesday! i'm just now getting a chance to do a little recap on my weekend trip - yesterday was a full day of work, catching up on things from the few days i was gone and prepping Dearly Boxes to be shipped this week! i had the best time in north carolina with my sister and nephews. that isn't out of the norm, but i feel like it gets just a little bit better with every visit because i can see all the new things that they've learned and picked up since the last time i was with them. there's something so special about watching a tiny human figure something out, like how to pick something up or how to explain what he's trying to tell you. 

the best moment, by far, was when David came running up to me in the airport as soon as he saw me. i was walking out towards baggage claim and spotted the crew waiting, locked eyes with David (i think it took him a couple seconds to confirm that it was, in fact, me) and then watched him light up with a big smile on his face and dart over to me with his arms up. all of my aunt dreams were realized in that moment, i tell ya. sweetest thing ever. 
it's always fun for me to see what their day-to-day activities look like. we did a lot of playing in the play room, hanging out on the porch, running errands, and other things. Luke rode on my back for a little hike that we did at Umstead Park and thoroughly enjoyed himself. i only know that because he laughed/cooed for about half of the time ;) 
the girls (my sister and mom) even got a chance to go out to dinner just the three of us, which doesn't happen very often anymore! it was a great weekend and i can't wait to get down there again! it's always hard to get used to not seeing them everyday, but thank goodness for social media. amiright, long-distance family members?

all photos from my Instagram


  1. The photo of you and David on the couch is adorable. Love the black and white.

    I don't have any nieces or nephews. Yet. But I look forward to when I do. In the mean time I steal cuddles and hugs from my friends kids.

  2. amen! it's so hard living away from family. but weekend and moments like these are to treasure! what a treat to be with both your mom & sis.

  3. I love that picture of you & David on the couch. So sweet. It's totally frame worthy! :)

  4. Love the picture looking so much cute. Happy weekend. I enjoyed your blog. I also had a shopping for spring weekends parties from Alysse Sterling.

  5. I live in PA and my sis in NC. I love it when we can get together at either location! Love my sistah time!!!!!

  6. That image of you and David is precious! I love watching your sister's Snapchats with the kids. You have such a great family - I am sure you hate being far away but I'm happy your visits are frequent! ox

  7. How fun! Loved reading about your fun time!
    Thanks for sharing,
    xoxo, Julia

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