i very rarely work in quiet, so i love having this speaker to play my music or podcasts. plus, it's portable, so i can take it from my bedroom, to my office, to the kitchen without being interrupted!

this printer has changed my life. well, that's a little dramatic, but it has been a lifesaver. wait...that's still dramatic.

i used to use a regular old printer with shipping labels, which was costly and a time sucker. i decided to fork over some money for the thermal printer and haven't looked back. since it's thermal, i never have to buy ink again. the only thing i need to purchase is the roll of labels, which comes with 220 labels. it prints labels in a matter of seconds and takes up a fraction of the amount of space on my desk. win win win win win.

i wouldn't consider myself a pen snob, but i definitely have preferences when it comes to them. these seem to do the trick with thickness, smooth writing, and all the colors that i like. i use the different colors for different things in my planner to keep organized, so i like that i can see all the different things that i have to do that week and mentally-compartmentalize them.

there's just something about a burning candle. it fills the room up with a nice scent and adds a calming element to my sometimes stressful workspace.

i'm constantly filing receipts, tax forms, purchase orders, and all other kinds of paperwork, so it's helpful to have a set of file folders where i can categorize them and keep them safe.

i ordered this camera with the intent of it being my "travel" camera. i have a bulky Nikon, too, but it was heavy and inconvenient to take with me, so i thought i'd give this one a shot. turns out, i love it! it connects to WiFi, so i can directly upload photos to Instagram (which is great for my business), it's sleek and lightweight, and i love that it's a touchscreen/doesn't have a viewfinder.

i use this bad boy on a daily basis and would highly recommend it, if you're in the market! 
also, this lens is my jam. it's great for up-close product shots and for outfit photos with "the blur" in the background. if i could, i would see the world with bokeh (the blur). i like the stock lens that came with the camera, too, but this one has been great!

i'm constantly writing things down that i need to do, need to remember, want to get accomplished, etc. so it's important for me to always have about 14 notepads around ;) i like this one because it has the boxes next to the tasks, so i can check it off as soon as i'm done!

i'm a serial planner-shopper. it's like there's some type of radar that goes off when i enter a store that points me right to them. i picked this guy up several months ago and haven't looked back. it's pretty, organized, simple, and helps me keep track of everything that's going on!