most days i dress pretty darn casual. that's what i'm most comfortable in, and let's be honest, the only things that see me for most of the day are my cats and they don't judge (well, at least not based on my clothing choices). so it's usually jeans, oversized sweaters, or tee shirts and cardigans, rarely with accessories. so when it comes time for the weekends, i like to change things up a bit.

i can still be comfortable and casual, but i actually take time to think through my accessories and pick out a pair of shoes. one of my favorite things to do lately is pick a color and accessorize with it. rose quartz seems to be my go-to, so a bag, watch, shoes, and sweatshirt with touches of the color help me to feel put together and intentional with my outfit, while still staying true to my style and what i like to wear.

if you have a hard time putting together an outfit most days, try this trick! pick a color you like or have a lot of, and tie your look together by using accessories with that color. you can see that it's not super matchy-matchy. i'm not wearing solid pink shoes with a solid pink shirt and a solid pink scarf. there are just touches of the color in small amount (shoes, watch) that, when you actually take a second to look at the outfit, you see how it all ties together.  

top: Target // denim: Banana Republic // scarf: asos // necklace: Elisabeth Ashlie // sneakers: Cole Haan factory store // bag: Rebecca Minkoff // watch: Kate Spade 

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