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you guys know i love my candles, and this one doesn’t disappoint. i received it from a girlfriend for my birthday and have burned it minimally because i don’t want it to run out! it fills the whole office with the best smell, and the glass jar is beautiful, too!

did you listen to the first season? i was obsessed. i’ve heard from a lot of people that they aren’t as in to this season, but i’m really interested in it. military-related things always fascinate me, so it’s interesting to learn about the complicated history, hear from the people “on the inside”, and learn a bit more about the story.

i’ve been on a crafting kick over here, so i whipped up some of these ring dishes the other day. i love how they turned out so much, that i’m selling them on Etsy! i already have a few strategically placed in my bedroom, bathroom, and office for little things, and also think they’ll be the perfect addition to gifts.

this stuff is magic. magic, i tell you. i put it on top of a blemish at night and it dries that sucker out.

i picked these up on sale while in Florida and can’t wait to wear them in the spring! i’ve always loved the look of this style of flat but have had the hardest time finding a pair that would actually be comfortable. i think these will do the trick!

i picked this baby up at one of those beauty outlet stores at the outlet mall and am really liking it, so far. i’ve never used Kiehl’s before, but have always heard good things. i use it a couple nights a week, after cleansing and applying my toner. it goes on nice and smooth and, in the morning, my skin looks bright and feels moisturized.

i don’t have any magazine subscriptions and really only buy them when traveling, so i consider it such a treat to read a magazine. i don’t know what it is about it, but i get really excited to crack it open and see what’s inside. i steer pretty clear of the trashy gossip mags, opting for more practical (and interesting!) choices like Real Simple, Good Housekeeping, or Domino.

i’ve had a revelation. i drink significantly more water throughout the day when (a) it comes out of a bottler and (b) it’s a large bottle. i bring it everywhere with me, in my purse, so i can always stay hydrated. i’ve had a hard time with drinking enough in the past, so i’m hoping that having these liter bottles around will get me in the habit enough to be able to use a reusable bottle just as much.

i love this app! i mostly use it to see snaps of my nephews, but i also enjoy getting a sneak peek inside my friend’s (and blogger’s) day.

i saw this at Costco and was so intrigued that i had to buy a bag. and, oh my goodness, they are so good. i use them to top salads, chicken and rice, or just snack on them by themselves. they’re addicting and the perfect little bite-sized pieces, so i recommend pouring them in a bowl, not eating straight out of the bag 😉

i was on the hunt for the perfect royal blue color and found it with this polish! it was my first time trying the infinite shine line and, i gotta say, it does seem to be shinier than my other regular polishes.

Target Tee
bought this tee when i was in Florida and i’ve already worn it about 6 times. for anyone keeping track, that’s about 6 times in 8 days. DON’T JUDGE ME. you go try it on and tell me that it isn’t the perfect tee shirt to wear with leggings (or anything else). 

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  1. hagv wrote:

    I LOVE those marbled dishes! Could you make a couple of other colors? Maybe a grey one? Also I need those Parmesan crisps in my life

    Posted 2.5.16 Reply
  2. Have you listened to the updates from Adnan's trial?? They bring you right back to the Serial Season 1 obsession! Happy weekend!

    Posted 2.5.16 Reply
  3. What's your snapchat name? I just got this app last week and I am totally obsessed! LOL.

    Posted 2.5.16 Reply
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who totes a HUGE smartwater bottle around everywhere with me. Ha! My husband makes fun of me, but I drink significantly more water when I have something on hand. 🙂

    XO, Jaime |

    Posted 2.5.16 Reply
    • Yes, it makes a big difference! I just stash it in my big bag and drink it whenever I think about it.

      Posted 2.9.16 Reply
  5. Dying to try the infinite shine line! Does it wear well?

    Sara | Lipstick, Lattes & Lunges

    Posted 2.5.16 Reply
    • So, I've used it twice and I love the color and the application, but it chips pretty quickly on my. I'm pretty rough on my nails (jewelry making, typing, etc.), so most polishes don't last very long on me!

      Posted 2.9.16 Reply
  6. I love this season of Serial! So fascinating! I drink water out of the big glass water bottle-I think it's called esos. If I don't have that in the gas station, I get the big smart water bottle

    Posted 2.6.16 Reply
  7. Belle wrote:

    That nail polish colour is so perfect! I've never tried smart water – I awful at remembering to drink water in the day, maybe carrying a bottle with me would help me get better!

    The Life & Times of Belle

    Posted 2.6.16 Reply
  8. Those cheese crisps sound amazing!

    Her Heartland Soul

    Posted 2.6.16 Reply
  9. Jamie wrote:

    I felt the same way about Season 2 of Serial. I wanted to hate it but I'm now drawn in and want more!

    Jamie of Hello There, Lady!

    Posted 2.8.16 Reply
  10. Because of you, I bought the gray AND black side split top from Target. They are so easy to wear and flattering. They're definitely my new favorite. Thanks for the introduction 🙂

    Posted 2.10.16 Reply
  11. I loved your collection. But for my top twelve one thing is missing for me. That is my crystal clutch purse.

    Posted 2.20.16 Reply

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