one of my favorite outfits is something that is casual and cool, with a feminine touch. i'm a jeans girl, we all know this, so i tend to mix up my style with different tops and accessories. my go-to outfit right now is something like this: destructed jeans, an edgy (faux) leather jacket, and girly details like the lace top and statement earrings. it's easy and interesting, two things i want all of my outfits to be.

so, about this leather jacket...

i've been on about a three year mission to find the perfect faux leather jacket. of course, i found a lot of really good ones along they way, but wasn't interested in shelling out a couple hundred bucks for it. i knew i wanted faux leather, but the kind of faux leather that looks like it could be real. fall season after fall season i would scour the web and stores for that just right jacket with no success. until a couple weeks ago. 

i was a little unsure of it when i first put it on because it was a bit stiff and didn't have that lived-in look i wanted. a few wears (yes, with the tags still on) later and i am obsessed with it. i want to wear it every single day, no matter what. the only issue is that we're right on the cusp of spring, so i'll have to put in the back of my closet pretty soon until fall, but i'm getting the most out of it while we're still experiencing some chilly temps. 

i've come to realize that a leather jacket is an essential part of my wardrobe and i will (likely) never be without one again.