Friday Edit, No.3

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good morning! good morning! good morning!
it's time to rise and shine!
good morning! good morning! good morning! 
i hope you're feeling fine!
get out of bed, you sleep head....i forget the rest of the song.
that may sound like a cute little jingle, but i'm haunted by it because my dear mother used to burst into my room and sing it to me nearly every morning before school. it was about 17x too loud (aka it was more than a whisper) and was never-ending. it also made me want to go even further under my sheets, so it didn't really work. i woke up with it in my head and couldn't decide if it was a sign of a good mood, or something worse. 

Hair Update

i've changed my hairstyling ways and i'm here to tell you about it! it's a hair update, or a hupdate. or possibly an update about my hair, or a updair. whichever floats your little tiny boat. (just kidding, i'm sure you have a huge boat)

Friday Edit, No.2

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hello and happy friday to ya! this week has been a long one for me, but i'm not quite sure why. long weeks are usually the result of anticipating something upcoming (usually on the weekend), but this weekend is one of the first totally free weekends i will have had in awhile. so, maybe i'm anxiously anticipating absolutely nothing on my calendar? who knows.

Saturday Style | 38


sneakers: J.Crew \\ leggings: Zella \\ rug: Wayfair
happy monday! if you follow me on twitter, you already know that i was awoken this morning to the sound of the neighborhood duck quacking...something i was sure i would never say as a city dweller. i'm actually not sure that he/she is the neighborhood duck, i just saw him/her once last week on my neighbor's roof, so i assumed it was the same one. i will certainly keep you duck-lovers updated, if i see/hear from it again.

Friday Edit, No.1

i often think about how differently my life would be if i worked in an office with co-workers. aside from a brief stint at an internship when i first moved to the city a few years ago, i haven't ever had a job in an office. at that internship, i quickly realized that being the boss and working from home were two things that i really wanted to become a reality, so i did everything i could to make that happen. 

Spring Earth Tones

guys. i slept for 10 hours last night. TEN. i haven't done that in a very, very long time. i feel like a new person, truly. it's a good thing that i'm feeling rested because i have a literal pile of work sitting right in front of me, so it's going to be a busy day. it's also going to be a bed-head, yoga pants, no makeup kind of day, so i'm sharing this outfit with you to make myself feel better. 

5 Minute Makeup Routine

i have three levels of makeup wearing: "is that girl alive?", "oh! yeah, i think she might be", and "yeah, she's definitely alive and well". meaning: no makeup, minimal makeup, and full face makeup. okay, the no makeup days aren't that bad (tell me they're not that bad!), but you get the picture. dramatic effect is my specialty today. 

Travel Style

i'm heading out to North Carolina today to visit with my sister and her family for a long weekend. i've been traveling quite a bit more than usual lately, so i've finally mastered the best travel outfit. i like to stick to comfortable basics that can be layered - i always get so cold on airplanes. even in the summer, i find myself bringing a heavy sweater and scarf on planes because i like to bundle up and stay cozy. since i usually check my bag, i like to use a bigger tote bag that can hold my small purse, iPad, water bottle, and anything else i want to bring on the plane with me. i don't like lugging multiple bags around the airport, so a bigger tote that can fit everything in one is key! 

Closet Staples