5 Minute Makeup Routine

i have three levels of makeup wearing: “is that girl alive?”, “oh! yeah, i think she might be”, and “yeah, she’s definitely alive and well”. meaning: no makeup, minimal makeup, and full face makeup. okay, the no makeup days aren’t that bad (tell me they’re not that bad!), but you get the picture. dramatic effect is my specialty today. 

most days are minimal makeup days. i like to add just a little something to wake me up and add some life, but don’t need a full makeup look to just work from home. i’ve found that just a few products can go a loooong way in helping me feel put together. 

i’ve been using this CC cream for about a month now and still love it. it provides just the right amount of coverage without feeling or looking heavy. i like the illumination for a little extra glow, too!
i love this concealer for under eyes and covering up blemishes. it goes on so smooth and lasts all day.
if there’s one thing i don’t like going without, it’s blush. it makes a huge difference to me, so i always swipe a little on my cheekbones. 
filling in my brows, even on no makeup days, can go a long way. i love the look of fuller, natural-looking brows especially on days with just a couple other products.
just a hint of color (and moisture!) to my lips is the final touch to round out the look. 
i’ve gotten this routine down to a science, so it takes very little time. i always feel more awake and refreshed once i have this done. sometimes i’ll add a coat of mascara to my lashes to open up my eyes a bit, too. 
have you tried any of theses products before? (you’ve certainly heard me talk about them if you’ve spent any time around here!)

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  1. anonymous wrote:

    What color do you use for the nars concealer?

    Posted 4.8.16 Reply
  2. anonymous wrote:

    What color do you use for the nars concealer?

    Posted 4.8.16 Reply
  3. Abi Albers wrote:

    I've heard great things about the It Cosmetics CC illuminator! Do you love it and use it on a daily basis even with a full face?

    Great post, Lauren. 🙂

    Posted 4.8.16 Reply
    • Sometimes, yes! It's build-able, which I really like, so on "full face" days, I can add some powder on top for more coverage. I also love Arbonne's Perfecting Liquid Foundation for full face days!

      Posted 4.8.16 Reply
  4. That Dior lip product has been on my list for a while. Looks amazing. I own all the other products and swear by them!


    Posted 4.8.16 Reply
  5. So NYX makes an eye brow pencil dupe that costs only 9.99. I usually get it at ulta. I found out from another blog! http://megoonthego.com/2015/05/anastasia-brow-wiz-dupe/ .

    Posted 4.8.16 Reply
  6. I've been hearing more and more good things about It Cosmetics. I don't think I could ever really do my makeup in 5 minutes, regardless of how many steps, but I love this minimal product routine.

    XO, Jaime | RegallySoled.com

    Posted 4.8.16 Reply
  7. Do you use the CC cream all over your face or just where you might need coverage? Thanks!

    Posted 4.9.16 Reply
  8. I love that CC cream! I use the regular one (not illumination) and it's the only foundation I'll ever use again. Worth every penny!

    Posted 4.10.16 Reply
  9. I love the Anastasia Brow Wiz…at the least, I HAVE TO put my brows on before leaving the house!


    Posted 4.10.16 Reply
  10. Lauren, absolutely great tips for busy moms. Thanks for posting.


    Posted 4.11.16 Reply
  11. Lauren, I have to ask…. regarding your snapchat pic of your cute nails in Purple Palazzo Pants… .how do you paint your nails so perfectly and not get any polish on your cuticles? I always get nail polish on my cuticles which gives me a "definitely done at home manicure" look. 🙁 Help!


    Posted 4.12.16 Reply
  12. These products are just good to use. But at night you need to remove your make-up then you need to use natural tea tree oil wipes.

    Posted 5.26.16 Reply

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