i often think about how differently my life would be if i worked in an office with co-workers. aside from a brief stint at an internship when i first moved to the city a few years ago, i haven't ever had a job in an office. at that internship, i quickly realized that being the boss and working from home were two things that i really wanted to become a reality, so i did everything i could to make that happen. 

most days, i wouldn't trade my current working situation for the world. but there's that one day every month or so where i think, "man, it would be so nice to go into an office, say hi to my work friends, get my work done, and come home". and then i roll out of bed in my pajamas and walk to my desk and start working and think, "nah, this is way better for my life right now". 

this whole thought track got me wondering what i would share with my work BFF when i first got to the office in the morning. i've got my coffee in hand (well, when i'm not typing) and i'm ready to chat with you, work BFF. 

i'm finally getting to cash in my Christmas present from Mike tonight! he got us tickets to a concert at a venue we've wanted to check out for awhile now, so we're both excited! it was a thoughtful gift, but also kind of torturous because i had to wait four whole months to get to use it! #learningpatience

i always have such a good time at my sister's place hanging with her and my nephews. my visits are always very full, so i often return home exhausted. this time, i got home Monday evening and went to bed at 8:30pm, waking up close to 7am the next morning. i woke up and legitimately felt invincible for a second. sleep can do wonders.

my drink of choice from Starbucks (or homemade) lately is a vanilla iced coffee. Mike turned me onto it and i don't know why it took me so long to get on board! i add a little whole milk or half-and-half and it is delicious.

i picked up a couple of these tees the other week and have been wearing them non-stop. 

my sister turned me onto the Stuff You Should Know podcast and i'm hooked. i listen all day long while working at my desk. yesterday's episodes were this one, this one, and this one.

it's supposed to be warm this weekend, so i can't wait to break out these new espadrilles! (they're 30% off today when you sign up for their emails!)

i think that's all that was begging to be shared. hope you all have a great weekend!