this has to be one of my favorite outfits to wear this spring. white jeans are always a good idea, as far as i'm concerned. and i like these even better that they're a little distressed because it makes them feel a little less crisp and stuffy. in person, they're a bit more winter white than stark white, which is another check mark in the pros column.

(do you want me to keep talking about these white pants....?)
this peplum top hasn't been worn much, since it's still in the 50's in Chicago, but it's a great layering piece when i want to wear a sweater or jacket. and then there's this jacket. ohhhh this jacket. it's hard to find a good one of these, so you better believe i snatched it up as soon as i realized i loved it. you can tell how much i wear it by the wrinkles!

i'm looking forward to really digging into my spring wardrobe soon and not always having to think of that one extra layer "in case i get cold". you know what i mean? 


  1. Loving this everyday look.


  2. I have this peplum top and I love how you styled it! Thanks for sharing,
    xoxo, Julia

  3. So cute! Lately, I've really been diggin' the white pant look. I have a pair at home that I have yet to wear...I might have to bring them out into the world. :)

  4. Lauren, I just wanted to say I always LOVE your style posts! Any time I need inspiration for a new outfit or how to make a certain look 'pop', I always consult your blog! Please keep up the great work! :)

  5. super cute, jacket sold out in medium
    tried to get dior lip addict in lilac, you're right, its long gone! :(
    love ur blog.

  6. You are looking so much pretty. I just love your style. Peplum is something unique and classy. Can I use my designer beaded clutch purse with this outfit instead of tote bag? Please advice.

  7. I am late to the game with this post! Did you have to size up in this jacket? Thanks!


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