Dresser Makeover

I’m so excited to share a little project that I’ve been working on for the past week or so. I’ve had this dresser from Ikea for a couple years and it had become quite worn – paint chipping off, a couple nicks in the wood, typical wear and tear. I love the bones of the dresser and didn’t feel the need to get rid of it entirely, so it was due for a little paint job and sprucing up. Since the rest of my bedroom furniture is white, I wanted to make a statement and add an anchor piece to the room. I knew I wanted a bit of a more rustic, aged looking piece, too. 
The lovely people over at Devine Color by Valspar were kind enough to send me some of their Devine Color Chalky Finish Paint in the color Devine Oceania. It’s a beautiful, rich blue color where, when paired with the Antique Effect Wax, took on the look of more of a navy blue. Overall, the project was super easy and only took a couple days (to allow the paint to fully dry). 
This was the dresser before. Not bad, but not that interesting either. 

This was after just one coat. The paint is highly pigmented, so it doesn’t require all that much to cover a white surface like this. I did two coats of the base color, just to be sure that I covered over everything. It dries with that chalky finish, which I prefer to a sheen. I would’ve been happy leaving it just like that because the blue is so pretty, but knew I wanted a more rustic look via the Antiquing process.

You can really see the difference that the wax makes to the paint color. I could see the effect that it was making as I was applying the wax, so there were no surprises when it dried. I’ve seen some other pieces like this where you can see the brush strokes and the dimension in the color and like that they’re unique, so I was pleased with how it turned out. I added a couple of my own drawer pulls to add even more character and then it was back in my room! 

I love the depth that the color adds to the light palette in my bedroom. I’m considering going back and doing even more of the Antique Wax on the dresser, but wanted to sit with it for a few days, as is, to see if I change my mind. 
Overall, I was really pleased with how easy the entire process was. The consistency and quality of the paint definitely showed through the painting process. The Antique Wax is such a cool bonus because you can really make the piece yours that way. The paint is sold exclusively at Target, which is just an added bonus. (As if I needed another reason to go to that store.) The colors that they offer blend seamlessly with their other home decor, so it’s the perfect fit! 
And now I just have to stop myself from painting everything else in my apartment…wish me luck! 
This post was sponsored by Devine Color by Valspar. Thanks to them for providing the product used in this post. All opinions are my own!

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  1. Meaghan wrote:

    Lauren! I love this! I have the exact dresser except in the bigger version and was growing tired of it as well! I have a question for you. I didn't think I'd be able to paint it due to the finish of the dresser. Did you sand it or anything prior to painting? Thanks in advance for your response!

    Posted 6.10.16 Reply
  2. Those cat pulls! I can't!! <3

    Her Heartland Soul

    Posted 6.10.16 Reply
  3. This looks awesome! High five for painting inside an apt- that can be tough to pull off!

    Posted 6.10.16 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    I recently did our dresser too! isn't chalk paint awesome? looks great!

    XO Lo

    Posted 6.10.16 Reply
  5. Love it!!

    Posted 6.10.16 Reply
  6. Mandie wrote:

    Looks good! I like the different style knobs on each drawer. 🙂

    Have a good weekend!

    Posted 6.10.16 Reply
  7. This looks so cool! I'm currently planning on refinishing an old dresser, and this is inspiring me to work on it! 😉

    Posted 6.10.16 Reply
  8. Victoria wrote:

    Did you have to sand the dresser first? That is always the biggest pain when it comes to refinishing furniture!

    Posted 6.11.16 Reply
  9. Katie88 wrote:

    I know this is a little bit of an older post, but how exactly did you use the antiquing wax? I see their directions online but wondering if you have any tips. Thanks!

    Posted 11.4.16 Reply
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