Off-the-Shoulder Dress

This is the Summer date night outfit of my dreams. Cute, but comfortable…but cute. (Have you guys seen those memes/phone cases/whatever else that say, “cute but a little psycho but cute”? I laugh every single time.) Anyway, this is that kind of thing. It’s feminine and not something I would typically wear on any old Thursday, but I still feel like myself.

Mike and I have pretty different ideas about what “Date Night” means. He thinks that every night we’re together is date night – whether we order in pizza or decide to walk down the street to a Mexican restaurant. If I were to say to him, “I feel like we haven’t been on a date in a long time”, he would rattle off all of the things we’ve done in the past week and claim that we had been on about 8! I would consider “Date Night” something that is planned ahead of time (more than just 30 minutes). It would be something a little different to look forward to, and it would likely warrant some time of outfit like this one.

I’m starting to think that his views on it are way more romantic than mine, though. Every night is date night?! That doesn’t sound too bad!


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