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I shared a step-by-step skincare routine on snapchat (username: laurelizabeth4) at the end of last week and was so surprised by how many questions and screenshots it received. I’ve already talked about each and every one of these products, but it seems the routine was interesting enough to inspire me to do another post about it. 
Skincare has always been a little tricky for me because I have very sensitive skin. I have psoriasis on my scalp, always had infected ears growing up, and have broken out in more allergic rashes across my face than I care to share. Because of all of that, I used to find a cleanser or moisturizer that worked for my skin and use it for about 5 years at a time. As I’ve learned more about the importance of good skin care and seen the effects of it on my skin, I’ve been able to find product lines that work with my skin, instead of against it. 
One of my favorite skincare lines is Origins. I’ve tried quite a few of their products and like them all. They have my absolute favorite Charcoal Clay Mask that I use on a weekly basis. I apply the mask generously and let it sit for 5-10 minutes, usually while folding laundry or washing dishes. I remove the mask with warm water and then do the following:
– Wet a cotton pad with the Origins Zero Oil Toner and wipe all over face
– Drop 5-7 drops of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate in various places on my skin and spread to cover my entire face
– Apply about a pea-sized amount of Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream to face
– Dab the Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Cream around and under eyes
– If blemishes are present, I dab a little of the Origins Super Spot Remover 
On nights when I don’t use the mask, I use boscia’s Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup (which works really well!) and then do all of those same steps, minus the Face Cream. For my skin, the Recovery Concentrate adds enough moisture – I’m on the more oily side. In the winter months or if I’ve been out in the sun, I add the Face Cream back in to the mix. If I didn’t wear makeup that day, I’ll typically cleanse my skin with Origins Checks and Balances face wash before doing the toner. 
Of all of these products, the two that I wouldn’t want to replace are the Origins Mask and the Recovery Concentrate. Those two produce visible and fast results on my skin. All of the other ones are products that I’ve used for quite a few months and really like, but they’re not irreplaceable to me. All together, it’s a pretty pricey skincare routine, but: (a) they work for my skin and that’s been hard for me to find, (b) they last a really long time because I use rather small amounts, (3) I’d rather sacrifice a few lattes a week to have good skin!

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  1. Rachel wrote:

    I just bought that cleansing oil during my last Sephora purchase, but haven't tried it out yet!

    Posted 8.8.16 Reply
    • I've been using it for several months and really like it! Hope you do, too!

      Posted 8.9.16 Reply
  2. Nikki wrote:

    The next time you want to try a new product line, look into Beautycounter! My friend turned me on to it a few weeks ago, and their stuff is amazing!! Pretty pricey, but they don't use a whole list of ingredients that have been known to be bad for us, so they have very high standards. I've been using their charcoal mask for a few weeks now and my skin has never looked better.

    Posted 8.9.16 Reply
  3. NIKA wrote:

    I love the Midnight Serum by Kiehl's!;)


    Posted 8.9.16 Reply
  4. KatieKBF wrote:

    I also have super sensitive skin- I have used the Origins Checks and Balances cleanser for years now and I really love it! I also use their Gin-Zing eye cream in the AM since it helps de-puff.

    Posted 8.13.16 Reply
  5. Sarah Jacb wrote:

    This winter season, the skin frequently becomes dry and damaged they require extra care. Shower beauty tips

    Posted 11.19.16 Reply
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    Posted 12.15.16 Reply

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