My Picks for Fall


I've talked before about wanting to simplify my closet and wardrobe. I'm making more calculated decisions when it comes to adding things - will it fill a hole in my wardrobe? Do I actually wear this color? Will I want this piece next season or year? Possibly the biggest part of this is the color. I'm a neutrals girl, through and through. I've tried to change it but it just doesn't feel right to me. I love grey, black, blush, and any other muted color. I feel my best in them and resolved that it's A-OK. What this means is that, within probably a year or so, my closet will be made up of only those colors, with a stray outsider here and there. If I had to start from scratch, I'd have all grey tops, black outerwear, and blush accessories. I'm picturing a closet full of just those colors and it's pretty darn beautiful.

This quilted jacket has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of true Fall weather, in my closet. It's the most beautiful biscuit color and just the right weight - I can wear it with a tee on a moderately cool day, or a sweater on a really chilly morning. The black tote with the monogram is on my list of "must buys", as soon as I have a thing to celebrate. Do you ever do that? Find something you'd really like to have but realize you don't have a need, so you make it your "celebratory purchase". As in, when you graduate school, or finish your taxes, or just make it to next month? My reasoning can get preeeeetty questionable sometimes, but I'm holding out until I have a good reason. And the fuzzy jacket? Don't even get me started! I'm really interested in getting one of those, but again, haven't decided if I need it. 

Then again, who doesn't need a fuzzy jacket to be cozy in? 

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