I'd say my style is a pretty good mix of feminine and edgy. Not all girly and pink and refined, and not all black and sharp and holes. I like mixing staples, like a grey tee or pair of ripped jeans, with something I wouldn't wear every single day, like a peplum top or a statement necklace. I don't like being all one style, so mixing and matching my items allows me to feel comfortable in what I'm wearing. 

I love a subtle peplum and I can get down with a ruffle hem. There's something feminine and flattering about it without making me feel over-the-top. And that, my friends, is a perfect balance. 

I was going through my denim the other day and realized that I only own one single pair of jeans that has no destruction - rips, holes, frayed hems. ONE. I consider ripped jeans a staple, obviously, so I will pair them with just about anything. It adds just the right amount of casual, especially to a more feminine look like this one.