How I Make French Press Coffee

I sort of hesitate to call this a "tutorial", as if I'm some sort of expert or something. I asked for this French Press for Christmas and have been using it every single day since. I was a Keurig girl, through and through, until I realized how much better I like freshly ground and brewed coffee. 

Rose and Beige


My Favorite Cold Weather Accessories

Getting Organized + Staying Productive

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Saturday Style | 46

cardigan | long sleeve | leggings | scarf | bag | boots


Hello, 2017!

I've officially climbed out of the deep, dark hole that was "holiday time". YOU GUYS, it was crazy. The 3-ish weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas had me working 12-16 hour days, working on weekends, and overall wanting to pull my hair out. But, everything was accomplished, shipped, wrapped up, and complete by the end of it, by some miracle. I took a break from 12/20 to the end of the year and it was pretty perfect. I even felt bored, which was something I hadn't felt in awhile.