mug is from Elisabeth Ashlie 
Coffee Conversations are back! I had a bit of an identity crisis towards the end of last year as to what I wanted to call this series, but I always write it out when I'm drinking my morning coffee, so...this just feels right. 

Happy Friday! This week felt both long and really short to me. It's always difficult for me to get back into "work" mode after a break, but I've enjoyed having a purpose to my days and am really excited for what's to come for Elisabeth Ashlie in 2017!

Wedding update, for those of you interested: Save the Dates have been ordered! I went ahead and ordered some from Minted because they have so many cute options and they're pricing is 👌. I should be getting them next week, so I'll share them then! Other than that, we have the venue, officiant, photographer, I have my dress, and the bridal party has been selected. We have another meeting with the wedding planner next week, which is kind of a big one, so I'm anxious to have it. This time of being engaged is already going by so quickly. I guess I should've known that, with an 8 month engagement, but I can't believe we're almost at the 6 month mark! Mike and I have yet to plan the honeymoon, although we know that we want to use our passports. 

Other random things:

I got this French Press and this coffee grinder for Christmas and have used them every single day. I was a through and through Keurig girl, but I think I may have changed my tune. Freshly ground and brewed coffee is just too good. 

I picked up these athleisure leggings last week and have been wearing them...a lot. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I wear leggings about 4 days a week, especially during the winter. Now I just need some more long tops to wear with all the leggings! 

It has been so cold in Chicago the last couple days, so these boots and this hat have been coming in handy. 

Okay, that's all I have for you. Time to get to work!