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AG Jeans | Nordstrom bp Grey Sweater | BlankNYC Suede Moto Jacket | Kate Spade Purse | Daniel Wellington Watch in Black/Rose Gold | Elisabeth Ashlie Faceted Gem Bracelet | Elisabeth Ashlie Spike + Sparkle Statement Necklace | Similar Booties

Remember how I said, of Friday, that my goal love the weekend was to finally see La La Land? I had hoped to go on Saturday afternoon, but Mike got a new phone (goodbye, screen that is shattered to a million pieces) and wanted to switch his service over, so we embarked on a 4.5 HOUR project to do that. Yes, FOUR AND A HALF HOURS. We started at the Sprint store, went to the Apple Store, back to Sprint, and back to Apple for one final hour-long stay. Let's just say that it wasn't how I intended my Saturday afternoon to be spent, but we finally got the issues worked out and he's thrilled to have a new phone, so it was a success!

So, Sunday afternoon was for La La Land. I had heard so many good things, including that my sister loved it and would see it again in a heartbeat. She and I have quite a bit in common, but it's becoming more and more clear to me that we do not share the same taste in TV shows and movies. I went into it expecting it to be really good and worthy of a "Best Picture" nomination, along with all the other nods it's earned this award season.

My thoughts: it was fine. It wasn't bad, by any means. I was entertained the entire time and the sets were beautiful, but I didn't feel anything. I like movies that make me feel something - sad, happy, scared, relieved. Some of you probably think I don't have a soul now that I'm saying this, but I was totally underwhelmed by the whole thing. I'd seen 5 of the Best Picture nominees - Moonlight, Manchester By The Sea, Hidden Figures, Hell or High Water, and La La Land, and La La was my least favorite. For those wondering, Manchester By The Sea was my favorite of them - it was so real and raw and made me feel so many things. And the demeanor of the nephew reminded me a lot of Mike, so I liked that part, too ;)

Oh, and completely unrelated to movies, this is one of my favorite outfits, as of late. I can't seem to stop wearing this grey sweater and jacket combo. Either with black jeans, leggings, or classic denim, it goes with everything!

Coffee Conversations

Happy Friday, people! Another workweek almost concluded and another weekend about to being. Friday mornings rival Monday mornings. I love Monday mornings. I'm usually ready to get back to a bit of a schedule after the weekend and I really enjoy my job, so Monday is an exciting day for me. But Friday morning comes with joyful anticipation of the weekend and that is hard to beat.

It's been a busy week for me between work obligations and wedding planning, so I'm looking forward to a little downtime this weekend. I'm hoping to go see La La Land in the final hour before the Oscars! I've wanted to see it for a month or so, especially now that I'm hearing all the buzz about it. I wish I were one of those people that makes an effort to see nearly every Oscar-nominated film - I feel like the award season would be much more exciting. I've seen a few, but La La Land feels like a must, at this point.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw this on my Insta story (which I use way more than Snapchat these days). I ordered this stunning dress and it was just delivered yesterday. A photo doesn't do it justice. The colors are so rich and it moves so beautifully. I'm not sure what I'll wear it for - bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, etc - but I love that I can wear it for something pre-wedding and also on our Honeymoon (and a million times after)! Also, I've never shopped for more white things in my life than I have as a bride-to-be. Like this sweet eyelet pajama set. I also have my eye on this beauty for Honeymoon (and post-honeymoon) travels. 

Happy Weekend!

Black + Tan

This look might just be one of my favorite outfits to date. Simple, comfortable, and effortless. Which, by the way, is how I would describe my "ideal" style in three words. I love how that all black base allows my favorite moto jacket to really pop and make a statement. And this backpack! It would probably be a little dramatic to say, but it has transformed how I travel, especially when I'm carrying-on my suitcase.

I already had a couple people ask me how I do my ponytail and if I have a tutorial. My sister has a tutorial for a polished and voluminous ponytail here

Earrings from Elisabeth Ashlie | Scarf from Elisabeth Ashlie | Boots are old from J.Crew Factory

Coffee Conversations

Hellllllllooooooo, Friday. 
Thank you for showing your beautiful, sunny face. 

If you follow me on Snapchat, you know that I've been quite sick this week. My first cold of the winter hit me HARD. The kind where you feel like you always have to sneeze so you're eyes water constantly so it makes it difficult to do anything type of cold. But, I'm happy to say that I think I'm on the mend and should be back to full power next week. 

I polished my nails last night in this color again. If I had to wear one color on my nails for the rest of my life, that would be it, for sure. 

So, Gap has some of the coziest sleepwear clothes I've found. This coming from the girl who is still sleeping in Pink (by Victoria's Secret) tees from high school. Yes, you read that right. These tees are so soft and nice to sleep in. Plus, they're on sale. Treat yo'self.

I'm finally caught up on This Is Us. Are you guys watching? You should be. I can tell that they're building up to reveal Jack's fate and I am suffering from serious anticipation over here. I want to know, but I also really don't.

I need a new watch like I need another wedding to plan, but this beauty is tempting me. 

I'm going out for Mexican food with one of my girlfriends tonight, so I'm hoping the workday goes by rather quickly ;)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wedding Update, No.2

I'm excited to share another wedding update today! We've gotten quite a few more things accomplished, but still have a lot to do...and we're just 5 months away! I have a list of things that need to be done by the end of this month, so I'm hoping to mark a few off the list today and tomorrow, too.

We're booked our DJ and videographers, officially! We have a proposal from a caterer and all the food sounds amazing. She sent over pages and pages of options. It's actually overwhelming to look at, but so exciting to be able to think about the menu and what we will be serving that day. There are just a couple more essential vendors that need to be finalized, but we're almost done with all the really big things. 

I'm still searching for bridesmaid dresses, which has been the hardest part of the entire process, thus far. It's a summer wedding, in a more casual environment, so I'm looking for long maxi dresses. I would love to be able to find something that the girls can wear again, so I don't want it overly Bridesmaid-ish. The hardest part has been finding the stye in the color that I'm looking for. I've found quite a few styles that I really like, but they're in navy or maroon or dark colors that just wouldn't fit a Summer wedding. I ordered some that are to be delivered today, so I'm anxious to see what they're like, in person, and if they would work. I've honestly been quite surprised by how difficult it has been to find something. 

Mike and I are going shopping next week for his suit and the groomsman outfits. I'll be curious to see what color he leans towards and what styles he likes. My goal with all of these outfits for people is for everyone to feel comfortable and like what they're buying. I've heard enough from people who had to spend $200+ on something that they will never touch again, so if I can avoid that for our wedding party, I'd love to. We will see how difficult it is!

I think we're finally going to start planning our honeymoon, too! I asked for suggestions on this Instagram photo and got so many good recommendations. Now, we just need to go through them, do a bit of our own research, and turn it over to our travel agent to do the planning (more on that to come). 

This month, I need to:
- confirm hotel details for out-of-town guests, including transportation
- start looking at invitation options
- finalize rehearsal dinner details
- look for a bakery for wedding cake (!!!)
- pull the trigger on Bridal Party wear
- (and probably other things I'm forgetting)

In the photo, these beautiful lace espadrilles for the Honeymoon and this leather passport case!

P.S. How do you like the new digs around here?!

If I Were To Go On a Valentine's Date...


Coffee Conversations

photo via
That scene looks pretty good right about now! It's been a shorter week for me, since I was out of town until Tuesday, but I am ready for the weekend. Traveling tends to do that to me because I come home and jump right into a workweek. 

Speaking of work, I've got another Elisabeth Ashlie update for you! WE HAVE CANDLES! Yes, that's right! I've been working on this for a few months and am so, so happy to finally have them available. They're made in small batches, right here in my office, and come in 6 different scents. Trust me, you need one (or five). 

I know I keep talking about this suede moto jacket, but it's just that good. I found it in this beautiful light grey color and am seriously swooning. 

Mike's birthday was earlier this week and the only thing he requested was to go to an all-you-can-eat sushi place. What baby wants, baby gets. He's a rather adventurous eater, so he went for some of the weirdest items on the menu, which is sometimes a little hard to watch him eat! But, we thoroughly stuffed ourselves and enjoyed it! 

We're doing a little joint birthday celebration this weekend for Mike and my roommate, whose birthday is on Sunday, so I'm looking forward to celebration them together! 

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Winter Getaway Essentials


Winter travel is always a bit more difficult because it typically requires bulkier items, like chunky knits, outerwear, and boots. My suitcase is always heavy and filled to the brim. Going on a ski trip is a little different, because I wear virtually the same thing everyday while skiing, so there are fewer outfits to have to think through and plan. However, there are other things to think about, like bringing extra moisturizers, so that my skin doesn't flake off from being so dang dry

I always have a lip balm with me because the thought of dry lips really stresses me out. In the winter months, I add a small tube of hand moisturizer to my carry-on, too. I wash my hands a lot (hello, germs in an airport/airplane) so they get super dry. 

I make sure to load my iPad with a movie or TV show and the latest book that I'm reading. When Mike and I travel together, we download the same things, so that we can watch it together, but on our own devices. We tried the whole headphone sharing thing where each person gets one earbud, but he listens to things at about 10 decibels higher than I can handle, so we quickly discovered this other method. Also, wireless on-ear headphones are SO handy on airplanes. They drown out some of the outside noise and you don't have to mess with cords getting in the way while you're trying to re-adjust in the seat. Plus, if that white and gold is pretty chic. 

I like to dress comfortable to travel - you can usually find me in leggings and my favorite sneakers in the airport. In the winter, I add a scarf, for both the traveling to the airport, as well as staying warm on the plane (it's always so cold!). 

Leather goods are in abundance around here these days, so I pack all the smaller things into pouches and bags so that they're organized and don't get lost. Floss, tissues, gum, extra hair ties, you name it, it goes in a cute leather bag.

I toss is all in my suitcase and I'm ready to go! On the topic of travel, I was looking at my calendar the other day and realized that I will be traveling as least once a month from now until after the wedding. Holy. Cow. The next several months really are going to fly by! 

Coffee Conversations

Happy Friday! I've been anxious for this day to arrive all week because it means that Mike and I are flying out to Utah for a ski weekend with my parents! (that seems like a long-winded sentence)