Some of you woke up with absolute disdain in your heart because of today's date and what that means for your social media feed, workplace environment, and general air of today. I get it, I really do. Whether I've been single or not on Valentine's Day, I've never really cared about it. I loved it when I was in school, but that was only because we got so spend half of our day passing candy and notes to our friends...

Nowadays, I just think it's a fun reason to celebrate love and be a bit festive. Full disclosure, I don't think I'm even going to see Mike tonight. And, if I were to, we'd probably just order a pizza and catch up on shows, so there ain't nothin' fancy about V-day around these parts. 

But, like I said, it's a fun reason to be a bit more festive - wear that red top you never pull out of your closet or do a nice bold lip to work. Whatever floats your Valentine's boat, really. Or just completely ignore the "holiday". Either way, I'm completely unaffected so, you do you 😉

If Mike and I were to celebrate in some way, I would probably go all-out, classic Valentine's Day look for our date. I'm talking red lips, red top, animal print, tall boots. Basically, all the things that I would never wear together on a normal day, because I would feel like I was dressing for V-Day. 

I'm sure you've seen quite enough of this jacket,'re going to continue to see it because I cannot stop wearing it. 

Whatever today means (or doesn't mean) for you today, I hope you enjoy it! 

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