Welcome back, Friday! I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we missed you.

I already had my morning coffee because I woke up at 5am. For absolutely no reason besides the fact that I was asleep before 10pm. So, I guess that makes sense. In a dream world, this would be my schedule every day - I love getting up before the sun, but only when it's on my own terms. I always feel so accomplished by 9am and tend to have a better day when I can get to my to-do list early in the morning. Plus, it means I can usually wrap up the workday around 3 in the afternoon, which is also pretty nice. Especially on a Friday. Especially especially when I have an adult slumber party to look forward to tonight. Also, I get to use my new weekender bag for the first time! 

I shared on Instagram yesterday that I recently got into listening to audiobooks. I listened to Lauren Graham's (Parenthood, Gilmore Girls) "Talking as Fast as I Can" in about 2.5 days. If you've watched either of those shows and love her as much as I do, you should listen. Also, audiobooks are awesome. 

Have you seen our Curated Boxes at Elisabeth Ashlie yet? These are so fun to put together! I'm currently working on a couple more for different occasions, too. 

I've recently made it a life goal to have a fireplace in my bathroom. Doesn't this look too dreamy? I'm pretty sure I would never get out of the bath.

I just got this planter delivered for my money tree in my office and I love it! 

Have a great weekend!