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Helllllllllooooooooooo, Friday! HAPPY to see you, indeed. 
I shared on Instagram stories last night that I was going to use some lavender oil to help me sleep. Lavender oil also produces the most bizarre and intense dreams for me. So, while I didn’t wake up a lot in the night, I woke up in the middle of a dream, which makes me feel a bit like a zombie. (Disclaimer: I know very little about oils other than lavender on the bottoms of my feet helps me sleep deeper.)
A girlfriend and I met for a coffee last Sunday at a cute place by my  apartment. I couldn’t resist ordering a nutella crepe, which was delicious, and had my first chai latte ever. It was at said coffee date that I thought, “I should come here to do work more often” and it was decided. I drove past it the next day on my way to the gym and read a sign that said, “PERMANENTLY CLOSED” and everything was cleared out. I’m talking, within less than 24 hours. HOW DID THEY DO IT. Also, now all I want is a nutella crepe 😭
I’m seriously crushin’ on these sneakers and just might have to order them to see if I love them as much, in person.
I’m on the semi-casual hunt for new flats and tried Tieks, after so many of you recommended them. While I like how sturdy the sole was, I just couldn’t get around the teal bottom or the shape on my feet – they looked like a cross between grandma slippers and little girl ballet shoes. It was weird! I’ve seen them on other girls and they look so cute, I must have weird feet. Anyway, I’ve received other recommendations for Tory Burch flats, but I don’t like the big emblem/branding on the toe. Isn’t it the case that once you start looking for something specific, you can’t find it? Yeah, that’s happening. Also, eerily similar to my search for bridal shower dresses. 
I did order a pair of these flats, based on the reviews. So, we’ll see! There’s hope! 
My sister and nephews come into town this weekend for a few days! I’m excited to see them again and hopefully get some one-on-one time with Kate in the city! 
Have a great weekend! 

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  1. sb. wrote:

    If you're willing to try another oil that's meant for sleep, I would recommend looking in to bergamot, vetiver, or cedar oils. When buying oils, you just want to make sure that they're both pure, and free of synthetic ingredients. If you have a Whole Foods or natural food store nearby, they should be able to hook you up! If not, doTerra is a great choice.

    Posted 4.7.17 Reply
  2. If you are looking for cute COMFORTABLE flats, I HIGHLY recommend these. I've never had much luck in the flats department until I found these. Now I want one in every color! πŸ™‚

    Posted 4.7.17 Reply
    • Melissa wrote:

      I agree 10000000% with this recommendation. I was going to post the same. I have a few different flats from Aubrey Brooke and they're all super cute and very comfortable.

      Posted 4.8.17 Reply
  3. My favorite flats ever were the Merona ballet flats with the rounded toe and little bow from Target. For the past couple of years, every season they'd come out with different colors, and now I don't think they're carrying them. I love them so much!

    Posted 4.7.17 Reply
  4. I ordered some hush puppies flats on Amazon, and I really like them.

    Posted 4.7.17 Reply
  5. Ayelet wrote:

    try Sam Edelman Felicia flats – I like them better than the Tory Birch ones and they are also half the price!

    Posted 4.7.17 Reply
  6. Jennifer wrote:

    YES! The Sam Edelman flats are what I was going to recommend. I'm on my 3rd pair they're so good!!!!

    Posted 4.7.17 Reply
  7. I'm sorry about your coffee shop! That really stinks. But your gold k-cups look so cute in those jars!
    I'm with the commenter above who suggested the Sam Edelman flats. It hurts to spend a chunk of change on flats, but I find that the $20-40 ones from Target or DSW do not keep up and always look bad after a few months. The real leather ones last so much better!

    Posted 4.7.17 Reply
  8. I popped into Francesca's the other day and they have loads of white/cream dresses right now and I couldn't help but think that they'd be gorgeous for bridal events! Not sure if it's your style, but they have great quality clothing. I have a few nice dresses from there and they've lasted years! I personally love this one πŸ™‚

    Have a fun weekend with your sister & nephews!

    Posted 4.7.17 Reply
  9. Good flats are surprisingly hard to find! I have the Sam Edelman flats that you linked (in leopard print) and they are my absolute favorite! I also love Cole Haan's Tali flats (if you don't mind a bow on the toes:,channel:online&gclid=CjwKEAjw8ZzHBRCUwrrV59XinXUSJADSTE5k0tivKrEw-NaVw-9vrOXQJ4OJGr–IU9tkXijGHpn2xoCIEXw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CM7CrMODk9MCFdQONwodP3oAFw)

    Posted 4.7.17 Reply
  10. I am a flats girl all the way, and the Anya flat from J Crew factory is my favorite!! I have them in two colors and wear them almost daily. Very comfy and they don't make the toe area look wide, like a lot of flats do. Also very affordable!

    Posted 4.7.17 Reply
  11. I love my Lucky Brand Emmie flats. They've lasted years.

    Posted 4.7.17 Reply
  12. I'm a big fan of J.Crew's Cece flats!

    Posted 4.8.17 Reply
  13. I know it doesn't sound like anything special, but the faded glory flats from Walmart are amazing. They have memory foam and have really cute ruching on sides. And they're only $10!

    Posted 4.8.17 Reply
  14. Kristina wrote:

    I have been on the same hunt for flats, I really liked Banana Republic's flats (but they aren't foldable).

    Kristina does the Internets

    Posted 4.8.17 Reply
  15. I just started using essential oils and have had the same experience with lavender. Glad to know I'm not alone!

    Posted 4.8.17 Reply
  16. Ginger G. wrote:

    Have you tried Rothys flats yet? They're amazing! I like my Tieks, but LOVE my Rothys.

    Posted 4.8.17 Reply
  17. I LOVE your weekly coffee conversations! πŸ™‚ Lavender oil gives me weird dreams too, you could try cedarwood or vetiver! They are both oils that help to promote relaxation. My favorite flats are from BΓΈrn and bΓΈc. So comfy and great for traveling! I wore one pair all around Europe a few summers ago and didn't have sore feet or blisters. πŸ™‚

    Posted 4.9.17 Reply
  18. Mandie wrote:

    Isn't that the pits when you find a really great place & it closes?! I just cannot believe that it happened that quickly. Gee whiz!

    Posted 4.10.17 Reply
  19. I bought this flats in the fall and I love them. I am a teacher, so I am on my feet all day and my feet never hurt at the end of the day!

    Posted 4.10.17 Reply
  20. As SB said, there's other oils for sleep that might help you better than lavender. For me, what I've noticed is that when I put lavender on my big toe, I have nightmares. If I put it on my other toes or anywhere else on my feet, I sleep fine without the nightmares. It's weird, but worth a shot.

    Posted 4.10.17 Reply
  21. Melissa wrote:

    I just got Birkenstock ballet flats and am in love! I think they're new to the lineup, because I've never seen them on the Birkenstock website before this spring!

    Posted 4.10.17 Reply
  22. Kate wrote:

    i also really need cute flats for our honeymoon, going to Italy…heeeelp. it really does seem impossible once you really need something, to actually find it.

    Posted 4.11.17 Reply
  23. For Flats I recommend the basic flats from Zara. They need a little breaking in, but they're now my go to flats (so comfortable!). For shower dresses I suggest either ModCloth or ASOS. I found dresses for both my shower and my rehearsal dinner from them.

    Posted 4.18.17 Reply
  24. For some reason your posts weren't showing in my blog feed, and now I'm catching up on all your old posts! yay!

    Posted 4.19.17 Reply

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