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Hello and Happy Friday! 
First update: notice the new URL! Lauren Loves now officially lives at I’ve been wanting to make the change for about a year now, so it feels good! Long and kind of dramatic story short, there was an issue with my old domain that didn’t allow me to forward to this new one, so if you’re reading from Bloglovin’ or clicked over from social media, be sure to note the new URL! 
I had to run out to pick up a few makeup/beauty products that I was running low on yesterday, which also meant that I stopped into Anthropologie and LOFT. Guys, I sorta hit the jackpot. I haven’t done much Spring shopping this season, so I was jonesin’ for a couple new items to introduce into my closet. Plus, I just filled 2 garbage bags of old clothes to donate, so it was looking a little sparse. I picked up this heavenly short-sleeved hoodie top from LOFT (Lou & Grey) and you NEED IT. I’m serious. Do not hesitate. Do not pass Go. Just order it. Also, this beautiful halter top that I can’t wait to pack for our Honeymoon! 
Speaking of our Honeymoon, I’ve been having the most bizarre dreams this week. In one, we were stuck in an international airport for over 12 hours and didn’t have a place to sleep. In last night’s, I had mere hours to pack for our 2-week trip and didn’t have anything to bring, so I was freaking out. It’s weird because I don’t feel anxious about the trip, at all, but apparently I feel like I need more clothes for it! 
I tried this new (to me) polish last night, so I’m curious to see how it holds up. It’s a beautiful color! 
Oh, also, this thermal hooded cardigan, which is currently at Anthropologie, is on sale almost 40% here. It’s a really good one! 
I finally watched the Netflix show, Stranger Things, guys. I’m several months late to the party, but I made it. It’s very bizarre and not my typical kind of show, but I was entertained! It confirmed that I am so not a sci-fi person, but I can get into a show if the cast is good and the story line is interesting. 
I updated the site with some new features, including a Shop By Category tab at the top. When you click on it, you’ll see different categories to shop items by, including my recent purchases. I’ll occasionally share new things on Instagram Stories, so I will now also add them here for you guys! Also, Spring Must-Haves. Check it. 
I’ve got a full workday before before watching some NBA Playoff games with my man tonight. 
Hope you have a great weekend! 

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  1. I'm also being a good wife and watching tons of NBA playoffs! By the way I'm loving the new name, it's perfect!

    Posted 4.26.17 Reply

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