I go through phases of really enjoying reading and forgetting that books even exist. I'm the same with podcasts. When I get into a good one, I can't put it down or hit the "pause" button. It takes me a while to fall asleep at night - I am not one of those people who can get in bed and be asleep by the time my head hits the pillow. By the way, if you are one, BE THANKFUL. THAT IS A GIFT. So, I typically watch an episode or two of a show, or read a few chapters in a book. 

I recently (as in, three days ago) finished up this book. My amazon account recommended What She Knew by Gilly Macmillan, so I promptly downloaded that sample and was instantly intrigued. I love a good page-turner and I get the sense that this book will be just that.

Mike and I completed a "marriage prep" course through our church and were strongly encouraged to read, The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller. It had been on my "want to read" list for awhile, but I finally bit the bullet and ordered a copy to my apartment. I'm only into the first chapter, but am already seeing how meaningful and important it can be. It feels more like a study book to me, one that I set aside time in the day to read so that I'm really focused and not nodding off between pages. 

I love podcasts. I work from home and typically do better when I have some kind of background noise. It's either a TV show, like The Office or Friends, that can play without me feeling like I need to watch every second, or a podcast. As many of you, I was so into Serial a couple years ago. Prior to that, I had only listened to sermons from the church I attended, so it sort of opened my eyes to the vast world of podcasts. 

I just finished listening to S-Town, which is put out by the same people as Serial. It was so intriguing and had a huge twist in the middle of the series. (Note: mature audiences only). Since I finished that so quickly, I also started listening to Up & Vanished, which has a similar feel to the two. I love listening to Stuff You Should Know, especially in the car because I can tune out for a minute or two and not miss anything monumental (usually). And I just downloaded How I Built This, off of the recommendation of a blog reader! It sounds really interesting and inspiring. 

I'm always looking for more things to add to my queue, so if you have a must-read or must-listen, let me know if in the comments! 

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