Wedding Update, No.4

Guys, it’s April 13th and we’re just three months away from our wedding day! When we first got engaged in November and picked July as our month, it felt far away. I’m here to tell you two things: 1) time goes by faster and faster each day you get older and 2) wedding planning, living life, working, and planning for your future with your soon-to-be spouse makes said time go by at 4x fast forward speed. Basically, I feel like I’ve lived one month in about 5, so it’s wild to me that we’re at the 3-month mark. 
We’ve made some really great progress in just the last couple weeks! 
My sister was in the city with me yesterday and I found my wedding shoes! I tried these on at Nordstrom and was impressed with how comfortable they are. They also look great on and you can’t beat that price tag! They’re easily a pair of heels that I would wear again, as well. 
I think we’ve decided on ties and pocket squares for Mike and his groomsmen…which has been a process. Stores don’t always have a ton of great options, so we were having a hard time finding something we liked that he could try in on a store with his suit. As Kate and I were walking around yesterday, we found The Tie Bar and popped in. There were so many great options and I was able to pick out a few things for Mike to try on at home. 
We had our tasting at the beginning of April and were all so happy with the food! Having good food is definitely at the top of our priority list, especially since we get to choose who our caterer is, so we’re very happy with the company we’re working with. It was the first tangible thing we’ve done and it made the whole thing even more real.
Our honeymoon is booked!!! YES.
I mentioned on Instagram that we’ve been working with Heather, of Heather Christopher Travel, to book our trip. Mike and I have never planned a trip to Europe and weren’t really interested in adding that to our list of to-do’s, so Heather took care of everything for us. She’s been an absolute dream to work with – being flexible and accommodating, but also showing her expertise in her recommendations and suggestions. If you have a honeymoon, European vacation, or family Summer vacation on your mind, I totally recommend working with her
We will be flying to Paris, spending 3 days in the city, and then heading over to Italy, where we’ll spend the remaining 9 days. In Italy, we’ll be staying in Florence, Tuscany (where we’re doing a cooking class and I CANNOT WAIT), Rome and finishing the trip on the Amalfi Coast. Mike and I are both so excited! 
This week’s goal is to order wedding invitations! 

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  1. Love your wedding shoes! You can certainly wear those again and again!

    I also love the Tie Bar. We got the ties for our wedding there and they were so helpful!

    Posted 4.13.17 Reply
  2. KWarning wrote:

    We did a cooking class outside of Rome, in a private home, and it was my favorite thing! Almafi is gorgeous!

    Posted 4.13.17 Reply
  3. Gwendolyn wrote:

    We are going to Florence, Rome and Venice on our honeymoon (IN 10 DAYS!!!!) too! But we actually planned it all ourselves, so wish us luck! 🙂

    Posted 4.13.17 Reply
  4. We also used Tie Bar and they were great. We just went with white. The fewer complicated decisions, the better.

    -Kirsten // pork & cookies

    Posted 4.13.17 Reply
  5. Kate wrote:

    ohh we are going to rome/Florence/amalfi also this july!!! what cooking class are you taking!? so exciting!

    Posted 4.13.17 Reply
  6. Another great tie/pocket square option local to Chicago is Peter Field- they make custom fitting ties and can source from a very large textile base to fit your wedding design. The owner just got married and you can see his custom tie and square here:

    Posted 4.13.17 Reply
  7. Your honeymoon sounds amazing!!

    Posted 4.13.17 Reply
  8. I was going to recommend The Tie Bar when I started reading that sentence! They have really good prices. I got my husband one of the gift boxes as an anniversary present one year and he loved it.
    Your honeymoon sounds amazing!! Something to remember, for sure.

    Posted 4.17.17 Reply
  9. When you are in the Tuscany, go the small villages. So so much better than Siena and all that. Rent a car, drive to villages like Montepulciano, Montefollonico, Monticchiello, Pienza. Not only the villages are amazing, but the feeling you have driving through the Tuscany is amazing. One of my favourites was the hot water lakes in Bagni di San Filippo. So so nice, it is like sitting in a hot tub in nature. Just don't make the mistake of getting your hair in the water. It will be super dry and take off your jewellery 😀
    But I hope you have a great wedding and honeymoon

    Greetings from Germany

    Posted 5.12.17 Reply
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    Posted 8.1.17 Reply

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