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Happy Friday-before-a-long-weekend, also known as, "the best kind"! Truth be told, I'll likely be working over the weekend, but it's still nice to be in the mindset of getting an extra day off next week! 

Speaking of the weekend, SALES. So many sales happening. I'm not going to share them here can find them yourself. But, I will give you a little inside scoop and tell you to check Elisabeth Ashlie in the morning...we may be running a Memorial Day promotion. Maybe. But before then, you need this new Farmer's Market Tote. Fun fact: that's my handwriting!

I realized yesterday that I haven't done a Wedding Update yet this month, so that's coming next week, like on Tuesday since that's almost the last day of the month. 

I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of distressed denim shorts. I had three requirements: not too short, not too distressed, not diaper-like. I FOUND THEM. These shorts are the perfect length (you can adjust the cuff to whatever length you want!), the perfect amount of distressed, and fit like actual jeans. I believe I bought my regular jeans size, if that helps. 

Ok gotta go to work to make this workday as short as possible! 

Have a great (long) weekend!


  1. I've been searching and searching for a good pair of denim shorts! Where did you find these? I didn't see a link anywhere! Thank! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

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  2. I'm SUPER impressed with your handwriting on that bag! I wish I had such effortless penmanship.


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