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Hello! Welcome to the updated Lauren Loves 🙂 
With all the changes that have been going on around here, I wanted a more traditional blog look and feel, so that’s where we’re at. Plus, I can easily link to all the things up in the main menu, so you can have an easier time finding whatever you may be looking for. 
That aside, I thought I’d do an Instagram roundup, since I haven’t done one in awhile. These are all of my most-worn, most-liked looks on Instagram, lately. And yes, you do see this cardigan three times in three different colors. I couldn’t resist. And also, got them all on sale, so that’s cool. Clearly, I wear one every single day, so I’d consider them a good investment.
 Cardigan | Top | Jeans | Flats | Purse (exact color sold out, similar option) | Nail Color
Top | Purse | Watch | Flats

We’re still in cool Spring weather in Chicago, so I haven’t yet been able to pull out any of my dresses or sleeveless tops from under my bed – I’m anxiously awaiting that day! Until then, you’ll find me in some combination of a cozy but pulled together outfit. 

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    loving the new layout!

    XO Lo

    Posted 5.9.17 Reply
  2. Mallory wrote:

    Think I might have to get those lounge pants and the cardigan! 🙂

    Posted 5.9.17 Reply
  3. sin soleng wrote:

    Your blog always provide useful content .Thank you.

    Posted 6.15.17 Reply
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