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One of the things that I’m most excited about with our upcoming move to Northern Virginia is getting to set up a new office! I’m lucky enough now to have a designated room in my current apartment that serves mostly as an office, but I cannot wait to have a room that is strictly my office, i.e. doesn’t hold anything else. When I say that I’m busting out of the seams of the current room, I’m not exaggerating. With the way the room is laid out with windows, a weird closet, a radiator, and french doors, there’s not enough wall space for tall storage, so things are just kind of everywhere. It drives me a little bit nuts, but I know I only have another month and a half or so of working out of it, so I can just push through!
Here are my thoughts on how I’d like to set up the new space:

I’m really excited to get a proper desk. For the last two years, I’ve been using an old Ikea dining table as a desk. It works well and I love the desktop space it gives me, but it’s pretty beat up. I just recently realized that I would love to have a 2-person desk, like you see above. One side will be just for my computer, the other will serve as my workspace for making jewelry and packaging up orders. With all of that stuff happening on just one surface right now, you can imagine how chaotic it can get! I’ve had an Ikea system as a desk before, so I’m looking forward to (hopefully) having one again!

One thing I’m definitely buying is that white tulip table to use as a work table. My roommate has a kitchen table that is currently stored in our office, which is perfect for my assistant when she comes to work at my place. I’ll need some surface for someone to work on, as well as a place for me to take photos, so that table will be just what I need!

I’m also hoping to store my big, full-sized mirror that I take most of my outfit photos for Instagram in the office! I’d love to have a prettier place to take daily photos that doesn’t have the bed in the background 😉 While my job is primarily Elisabeth Ashlie, I’d like to create a little corner that helps keep me organized for Lauren Loves.

Other than those big things,  I already have a few shelving units that will just be moved right in and utilized completely. I need more actual storage versus just pretty storage, so I’m sure I’ll be raiding the boxes and baskets section of Ikea and The Container Store to have a proper place for everything. I’ll add in some greenery and small decorative objects, but want to keep it mostly simple and clean. One thing I’d really love to have is a wooden (or other material) cut-out sign that says, “Elisabeth Ashlie” for the wall. I’m sure that’s something I could find on Etsy, but if you know anyone personally or have purchased something similar from someone, will you let me know?

I’ve already got my list going for what I’ll need/want to buy, so I can’t wait to actually get in there and make it happen!

Desk | Tulip Table | Wall Mirror | Stool | Shelving Units

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  1. Hi Lauren! I read your post today. My husband and I live in NC and have a little side business of wood signs and furniture. I would love to make the sign for your office! My husband works for a hardwood company so we have access to practically any wood you can imagine. I can do the wording in vinyl or painted. We have a facebook page, Spencer & Mason (named after our 2 boys). Hope you will check us out!

    Thank you-
    Ashley Brown

    Posted 5.16.17 Reply

    I'd check out her site. She offers laser cut calligraphy words, painted on wood, chalkboard signs, etc.

    Posted 5.17.17 Reply
  3. JenniferD wrote:

    Greetings Lauren – I'm sure you have already figured out that there are 2 Ikea's in the NOVA area – Potomac Mill and College Park. College Park is by itself off of I-495. I prefer Potomac Mills as there is an outlet mall and so many other things around there, that I can take care of many errands. If you go on a Saturday, travel as early as you can as I-95 South gets packed really quickly. Good luck!

    Posted 5.19.17 Reply
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