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We are officially one day away from being able to say, "We're getting married next month!" 

That is wild.

The past six months or so of planning have absolutely flown by. We're definitely in the final stretch now! Nearly everything is set and ready to go. We have all of our vendors finalized, so all we really have left are the small details of the day - signage and small areas to think about decor. We get to do a final walkthrough in June, so I'm looking forward to having our major vendors all together to talk through all the details of the day.

My first bridal shower is this weekend, so the pre-wedding festivities are officially beginning. Between two bridal showers and my bachelorette trip, June is very much going to make everything feel real and imminent. 

My wedding band is being made, as I write. We have some family stones from Mike's family, so they're being made into a band that will go with my engagement ring. Mike still has to pick his ring, which he's having a harder time with than I expected. Although, it's totally understandable considering he's never worn a ring before! 

My first dress fitting was yesterday, so that is also in process! I have gifts for my bridesmaids ready to go and I even have my day-of nail polish color picked out ;)

The last major thing that is left to figure out is my hair and makeup for the day. This is one of those times where being sisters with this girl really comes in handy. I have some ideas, but also want to see what she has up her sleeve. 

As we get closer to the wedding day, I get more and more excited to see it all come together!