Blush Boho

Shortly after we got engaged, I started casually shopping for all the events that were to come - showers, rehearsal, honeymoon, etc. I had the foresight to know that if I waited until I really needed to find something, it would be nowhere in stores. Isn't that annoying?

I wasn't finding many white dresses that I liked, at the time, so when I stumbled upon this beauty I  couldn't resist. (Unfortunately, that was back in January or February, so the dress is no longer available.) At the time, I didn't know how many showers I was going to have, but it worked out perfectly for me to wear this number to Mike's family shower. It was fun to do the classic white lace at my side's shower and then something a little more relaxed at his.

And! I think those earrings are the ones I'm going to wear on our Wedding Day! Ironically, I don't wear a lot of earrings in my regular life. Or jewelry, in general. I'll wear my personalized disc and bar necklace every day, and occasionally add a watch, but that's typically all I have on. So, I wasn't sure about doing statement earrings for the wedding, but they just look so perfect with my gown, so that's the plan.



  1. Your hair is that of a goddess

  2. Gorgeous! Finding a white dress for my bridal shower was SO hard last minute. Good thinking!

    Kim .. Iceland Travel Tips!

  3. I love Stila's liquid lips...they are my go-to! Are you sure you're not wearing "Patina" though? I love both shades, but "Baci" looks way more lilac/purple on me. On a side note, I love your blog! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

  4. You look great! I really love those flats with the dress! Good luck on all the upcoming wedding planning! Enjoy it! xxAllie


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