Coffee Conversations

Happy Friday! 
I'm sitting in in this exact spot, sipping my morning coffee and listening to the rain fall outside. It's as delightful as you can imagine. I have my second dress fitting this morning, so I'm heading out to the suburbs in just a couple of hours. I'm excited to see my gown again! 

Speaking of wedding things, we hit the one month mark yesterday! It truly has gone by so quickly and I know that the next four weeks are going to just fly

How stinking cute is this Pom Pom Clutch? We leave for my mystery bachelorette trip in a week and this beauty is definitely making the cut! 

We're doing $8 mugs all weekend long at Elisabeth Ashlie! You can shop them here

I just rediscovered the greatness that is Aerie sleepwear and loungewear. If you're a bralette girl, this one and this one are must-haves. These are so cozy, too. 

I'm hoping to make some serious progress with packing up all non-essentials this weekend. My goal has been to do as much packing for our move before our wedding, which means basically before July 1st. We'll see how it goes! 

Have a great weekend! 

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