Saturday Style

Summer weekends are the best thing since sliced bread, am I right? Actually, I would amend that saying to be "...the best thing since cinnamon rolls", but that's a different conversations.

(Yeah, I totally had a dream about cinnamon rolls last night)

Living in the city in the warm months reminds me why I spent all those freezing cold winters here. There's just something in the air - everyone is buzzing from the Vitamin D or something. Mike and I spend a lot more time walking, too. When we would typically take the el or drive to a particular restaurant or activity when it's cool, we will take the extra 20 minutes to enjoy the weather and walk instead. There really is something to say for getting all that fresh air on the weekend - it makes the indoor work week feel a little less constricting.

Plus, I just love the color palette of warm weather clothes. I love light, airy, soft tones. Blushes, whites, nudes, give them all to me! Even better, mixing them together and creating a pretty and functional look for an evening out.


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  1. What a cute/simple outfit idea. Love it! xx,


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