Paris and Italy Bound!

My HUSBAND and I are off on our long-anticipated Honeymoon today! We fly to Paris and then we're off to Italy for about a week and a half. We cannot wait to get there and experience everything that Europe has for us. Be sure to follow along on Instagram (@the_laurenelizabeth)!

It's Wedding Week!

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And just like that, it's the WEEK OF OUR WEDDING!

I truly can't believe it. It hasn't quite sunken in yet, that this time is finally here. Having thought about and planned for this week and the wedding for the last 7 months or so, it's wild that it is already here! I have a couple more days in Chicago, which will be spent packing more moving boxes, thinking through packing for our Honeymoon (we leave a week from today!) and going to some beauty appointments in preparation for Saturday.

I thought it might be fun to share some of my day-of details, like the lipstick I picked out and the robe I'm planning to wear. 

I had a bit of a hard time finding a bridal robe that could be worn beyond the wedding day. You know, one that didn't have, "bride" written in gems on the back or embroidered on the front. I figured I'd be spending a bit more money, so I wanted one that I could use again. I found this beauty and can't wait to wear it! I picked up these robes for my bridesmaids - they're perfect! 

I picked up this lipstick in Pink Cloud as my wedding day color.

I bought this cute romper to wear under my robe while getting ready that day. 

The last thing I need to do is making a "getting ready" playlist! 

You can follow along on Instagram (@the_laurenelizabeth) for all things wedding this week! 

Coffee Conversations

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Guys, it's been a WEEK. Between the 4th of July holiday, wrapping up work for the Summer, having family in town, driving to Virginia to look for a home, and final wedding prep, I've barely had time to think about anything other than what is right in front of me. Don't get me wrong, they're all good and fun things, but I've never felt as busy as a I feel right now. Let's just say that trip to Paris and Italy in about a week is sounding so good right now

In case you missed it, Mike and I are in Virginia right now looking for our first rental home! We're working with a realtor in the area, since we aren't familiar with Northern Virginia at all. We spent all day yesterday looking at potential homes and found one that we really love. We put in an application, so we're waiting to hear back on that. If it works out, we will end up living in the first one we looked at! It's crazy to think that we will be moving here in about a month! We're both looking forward to the change and are anxious to get into our first home together. 

We're hoping to drive back to Chicago later today or tomorrow. Then, we'll have a couple days to pack for our Honeymoon and wrap up any last minute wedding details and then it's wedding time! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to stay up to date on things.

In non life-related things:

I've been loving this neutral lip lately. 

If you're looking for cute and comfortable slides that are so well priced, look no further. I bought the nude and the blue and now want every other color. 

Have a great weekend!