Before our Honeymoon to Europe, the longest flight that I'd taken, as an adult, was about 4 hours. Prior to our trip, I was a little anxious about the flight time. I didn't love flying and tend to get pretty antsy, so I assumed it was going to be a stressful 7.5 hour trip over to Paris. (And 10 hours from Rome back to Chicago). Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised by how it went! It was an overnight flight, so we were able to sleep for a few hours, which helped pass the time. Mike and I had downloaded a couple of movies to watch together, which kept us occupied during our awake time. Looking back, I did a pretty good job of packing for the flight - I didn't forget anything essential, but there were a couple of things I wish I had thought of. 

I did some research on some blogs/websites before our flights and found it helpful to see what other people packed, so I thought I would share the same! 

What I Packed
- a durable backpack to hold everything

- my iPad, loaded with TV shows, movies, and a few books 

- a travel pillow 
(a lot of long flights will provide a pillow, but it's basically 1/8" thick, so it doesn't do much for neck support!)

- ear plugs + a sleep mask
(as far as I'm concerned, these two things are required)

- wireless headphones

- an external charging bank

- my most-moisturizing lip balm

What I Would Bring With Next Time
- warm socks

- an extra cozy sweater/shawl, to keep warm and more comfortable

- a travel water bottle that I can refill myself

- snacks! 
(we had a couple of bars and some almonds on-hand, but I wish I'd planned ahead and brought a peanut butter sandwich or some protein bars that would stick with me)

- heavy-duty hand lotion

- paperback books: one for research, one for enjoyment
(my eyes get pretty weary from a lot of screen-time, so I would bring some non-downloaded things to read. we made our own schedule in Paris, so I'd have loved to plan some things for us to do during our flight)