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It's been a weeeeeeek. I'm happy to see Friday morning, as I'm sure many of you are! Thursdays are Mike's class days, so he's gone from about 8am-6pm, which means I have these marathon work days. I always get a ton accomplished and it makes Friday morning just a little bit sweeter because my to do list is pretty short. 

My parents are coming into town for about 30 hours this weekend! It was either come for one night now, or not see them until the end of October -- they're a little busy, apparently. We're looking forward to showing them around our new home, taking them to a winery or two, and relaxing. I'm thinking of putting together a little cheese board like this for when they arrive. Also, this looks and sounds amazing. 

I pre-ordered my new iPhone this morning - I can't wait to get it! I went with the 8 plus and am so excited to have a larger phone. About 90% of my phone usage is for social media (with my job and all, that should make sense) and taking photos. So, the larger screen and double camera were calling my name. Now to find a new case...

I just got these booties in the mail. They're so cute and comfortable! Can't wait to pull them out this weekend. 

Also, I finally finished Dark Matter last night. So. Good. I'm sad that it's over, but looking forward to starting another new book tonight. 

Next week on the blog, I'll be wrapping up sharing photos from our wedding with two more posts -- our reception and styling details. I'm excited to share them! 

Have a great weekend!