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Hello! I'm currently sipping my hot coffee at my desk, with my Apple Farm candle burning, watching our neighborhood slowly light up for the day. I'd say it's about time for Daylight Savings in these parts - it's hard to get out of bed when it's still so dark in our room! 

My husband and I have the absolute pleasure of spending some of our day at the Virginia DMV today. I finally got my name changed, so that means new driver's licenses all around! I'm hoping to get out unscathed, although I will be bringing snacks, books, iPads, and likely a concealed bottle of wine (kidding about that one, of course). 

This is the first weekend in several weeks that we don't have anything planned and I cannot wait! It will be so nice to not live on a schedule and be able to do whatever we want. It's supposed to be pretty toasty here, but I'm hoping to get outside and do some hiking or go to another winery. 

Did you catch my "I buy things in multiples and here they are" saga on Instagram Stories yesterday? If not, you can still watch it. It occurred to me just how many things in my closet are one of multiples, so I'm thinking about doing a full-on blog post about them. It was inspired by the arrival of this cardigan and this dress, both of which I already owned in other colors. But, they're just that good, that I needed them in another basic color, ya know?

My mom and I stumbled upon a Williams-Sonoma Marketplace at the outlet mall last weekend and OH MY GOSH. THAT STORE IS GOLD. Not exaggerating at all, we spent an entire hour and a half walking through and admiring every last thing on every shelf. The prices were so, so good with the additional discounts. I was able to get some good things for our kitchen and my mom picked up some great stuff for their new home! If you ever see one of those stores, GO IN. 

My precious, most-loved, most asked about mascara is on SALE today! Regularly $23, on sale for $10. Stock up. 

Have a great weekend!