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Hello, hello, hello! 

I unintentionally slept through my alarm this morning, so I'm already feeling behind the curve. Then I remind myself that I'm "at work" before most people are who have to travel to their jobs, so I relax a little. If I had it my way, I'd be up at 5am every morning starting work. However, staying up until 11 something the night before doesn't exactly make waking up before the sun easy. I've got some "in studio" work to do this AM and then I'm hoping to head to a coffee shop to work on some computer stuff this afternoon. Apparently, it's national coffee day, so maybe I'll get some free drip coffee out of it! 

I'm not so patiently awaiting the arrival of our headboard! It took me over a month to find one that I even liked and then it was supposed to be delivered Wednesday. Now, when I check the tracking information, it's just sitting somewhere with Fedex with no update. Once I get this beauty in our home, the last thing left to do is the wall with our wedding photos! 

I just started listing to Malcolm Gladwell's, Revisionist History podcast yesterday. I only listened to one episode, but I'm enjoying it!  

If you are a fan of chili and you haven't tried this recipe, YOU MUST! I added celery and halved the recipe, which was the perfect amount for 6 servings. I can't wait to make it again! Also, it pairs really well with this skillet cornbread, which is amazing. 

There are three new candle scents for Elisabeth Ashlie this week, did you hear? Vanilla Latte, Warm Tiramisu, and Cozy Cabin

I'm in the market for a new book and considering starting this one this weekend - I've heard so many good things!

My goal this weekend is to talk Mike into going to a pumpkin farm to get some pumpkins and apple cider donuts.  

Have a great weekend!