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That photo is an accurate representation of my week - it was a busy one. But it was so, so nice to have so much to do and get back into the swing of things with work. Mike and I are driving down to Raleigh this morning to spend the weekend with my sister and her family. I haven't seen my nephews since they were perfect little ring bearers in our wedding, so I'm anxious to spend some time with them!

I'll be packing up this favorite travel bag of mine (and probably another one, let's be honest) with some of my go-to items in my closet recently: these leggings, these sunglasses, and these sneakers. I'm hoping to find a good podcast for us to listen to on the drive. We've nearly worn out "Stuff You Should Know", although we do love listening to that one! 

This brings my Type A spirit so much joy to look at.

I gave myself a fresh Fall manicure with this almost-green, almost-black color last night. 

I've been glued to the Hurricane Irma coverage -- my thoughts are with everyone affected and preparing for the storm. 

Have a great weekend!