As promised in this post about my closet, today I'm showing you how I took a $60 bookshelf from Ikea and used it to completely transform the feel and function of my closet! 

You may remember that this bookshelf originally lived inside my studio for Elisabeth Ashlie. While it served its purpose well in there for a couple months, once I brought on a new assistant to help me, we had to rethink the setup of the studio a bit. The bookshelf needed a new home and I knew I had to get a little creative with where we were going to utilize it. We've used up pretty much all of the space in this townhouse, so there's not just an open wall for a giant bookshelf to be put on. 

Much to my surprise, it was the exact right width to fit at the end of my closet. I removed a wire hanging rack from the wall (which was there when we moved in) and dragged 70 pound bookshelf all the way into my closet. I could've waited until Mike got home to assist in that part, but that would mean having patience once I've made a decor decision, which I have none of. The bottom half serves as the perfect shoe storage for all of my most-worn shoes, while the top half is a mini vanity. I added one extra shelf to the bookcase, so that I could set it up how I wanted it. 

Adding the bookshelf totally transformed the look and feel of my closet! It feels much more open and functional. I like having a simpler solution to my shoe storage and not having a random bookshelf being stored in our garage for no reason.