Coffee Conversations

Good morning! 

As I type this, I'm sipping my fresh coffee with this 👆 view - not a bad way to start a Friday, if you ask me. That wooden lasercut sign was the final piece to my office before it felt "finished". It's from Woods Wood Decor and I LOVE IT. I pretty much want a sign for everything in our home now. 

I've been living in (in fact, I'm currently wearing) this poncho that I picked up on sale last weekend. It's so cozy! 

I started reading this book, which I shared last week, a couple nights ago and am very intrigued. 

We're going camping next weekend and I can't wait! My sister and her family will meet us up here in Virginia to stay in a cabin for the weekend. I'm so looking forward to unplugging and enjoying the time together. 

I'm itching for a change with my hair, but can't decide what I actually want to do. Some days I think something like this would be do fun, other days I wonder if I should just mess with the color a bit. I used to change my hair nearly every three months, if not sooner. Whether it be a drastic cut or different color, I was always trying new things. In the last year or so, I think I've just been so busy with other things that I don't really think about it. Plus, it's so much easier to maintain when I'm just letting my natural color do it's thing. 

I ordered another one of these thermals, this time in white. It's just so comfortable and will be worn all fall and winter long, I couldn't resist! 

Have you guys listened to Elisabeth Ashlie's October playlist yet? It's a good one! I'll be listening to it while I work today. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I'm thinking about chopping my hair too. Last year I did a longer angled bob and I loved it because I could still throw it in a pony and it still felt longish in the front, but it was definitely a change.

  2. Thanks for changing the link color. So much better!!

  3. Enjoy camping!! I just moved away from NOVA and the nature up there is gorgeous.

    Kim ... How to plan a staycation!

  4. Your October playlist is perfect for this rainy Sunday!


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