It's been one of those weeks where even Milo could use a little coffee 😴
But Friday is here and Friday is always a good day!

Our Cat Mom mug has been restocked at Elisabeth Ashlie! Along with this beauty

Did you see the new curated boxes, too? Cozy and Warm Box, The Newlyweds Box, The Big Day Box (so perfect for brides on their wedding day!), and The Housewarming Box

Our holiday collection is launching on NOVEMBER 1. I cannot wait to share all the things!

Speaking of sharing, I need to share this recipe with you, if you don't already know it. This Quinoa Enchilada Bake is so. good. Like, so good. It reheats like an absolute champ, too, so it's a great option for lunches! I add a pound of ground turkey (cooked on the stove and then mixed in with the rest of it) and as much fresh sweet corn as I can possibly toss in (we love sweet corn), but otherwise follow the recipe to a T. Try it!

Planning on wearing these sneakers all weekend long. So comfortable! 

The LOFT sale is still happening, so get this poncho STAT. And then get this perfect (and incredibly priced) long sleeve tee to wear under it (30% off with code ENJOY). You are welcome

I shared on Instagram stories yesterday that I'm already having to rethink some things in my studio. I've recently hired another assistant to help with shipping, inventory, etc., and we're finding that we need to rework the layout to make it function well for both of us! So, a trip to Ikea is in my very near future. Like, probably today because I don't like to wait on those things. With the changes, it means that I will be doing something like this in my closet (but not that fancy) with the extra bookshelf that won't be used in the studio anymore. 

Have a great weekend!