Hey, welcome to my closet! Come on in and take a look around.

One of the things that totally sold me on our townhouse were the his and hers closets in the master. Mike and I could definitely share a closet (he owns approximately 14 pieces of clothing), but the prospect of having a walk-in closet that was all my own was too good to pass up. There are other things about the home that made it a good fit, too 😉

The closet came stocked with those wire shelves, which I really appreciate coming from Chicago rental apartments with usually sub-par closet situations. I knew I wanted to eliminate under-bed storage in our new room, so just about everything made it into this closet or our dresser. 

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I've since updated the closet a bit (I added a bookshelf), which I'm going to show you here tomorrow! But, in case you live with a similar closet like this and want ideas for how to organize, I wanted to show you how I lived with it for about 2 months before changing it up.  

Aside from camis and lounge shirts/basic tees, which I fold up and store in this hanging organizer, I hang all of my tops. I like to be able to see what I have and to keep things free of wrinkles, so these fabric hangers come in handy! I never have issues with shoulders getting stretched out of shape or items falling off. 

My favorite feature in this closet is the space to have a little bench by the window. Also, a window in the closet is kind of awesome. I do have the blinds closed most of the time, with a semi-opaque curtain pulled to protect my clothes from any sun damage. However, even with those two things, I typically get enough natural light that I don't have to use the overhead light - I mostly dislike overhead lights. I found this bench at Home Goods and love having it in there. Admittedly, it gets a little overrun with clothes sometimes, but I try to keep it clear to hold things that need to be washed, hung back up, or for new items coming in. Adding this marble tray and this candle just give it a bit of a more homey feel, which I'm very into.

These shoe boxes are great for out of season shoe storage! I stash all my heels and fancy shoes in them so that they're not taking up space under our bed or on the floor of my closet.

My other favorite thing is my nail polish and lipstick organizers. This nail polish organizer fits all of my polish colors, which makes seeing what I have available super convenient.  I love these lipstick holders for the shades that I want accessible. The "countertop" on this shoe organizer works really well to store things like these holders. 

I hung this old initial hook that I have from Anthropologie so that I could store and display my absolute favorite travel bag/weekender

My most-worn shoes are within reach and sight at all times with the use of this hanging organizer and this shoe rack

Wallets, zip pouches, and travel bags all get stored in this wire basket on the floor, next to this 3-drawer organizer. In this organizer, I have all of my extra beauty products, hair products, hair tools, and other things that I don't need to keep in our bathroom.

When I was first unpacking and organizing my closet, I tried to think through the items, products, and shoes that I reach for most often. Those were the things that laid the groundwork for how I wanted to lay the room out and organize it. Because I'm extra special, I hung all of my clothes by color, which is white, grey and black 😂 I took out all of the "fancy" clothes that I don't normally wear and put them elsewhere. All I see when I look at my hanging clothes are the things that I do and will wear on a normal day. That makes finding what I'm looking for a lot easier, and there isn't an overwhelming amount of clothes staring back at me when I walk inside in the morning. 

As mentioned above, I've changed it up a little bit since we moved in, so I'll share that update tomorrow!