Saturday Style

This is one of my favorite types of outfits for the fall. I love being cozy and comfortable (hello, leggings!) but adding a few pieces, like a velvet bag and pointed toe mules, to feel more put together.

It was the first fall-like weekend in Virginia, so we took advantage of being able to be outside without sweating. I made my grandma’s homemade scones, we went to a pumpkin farm, and relaxed. It was one of those weekends that you really don’t want to end!


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  1. beachbumab wrote:

    Love the look and love your style – totally want that sweater! Could you please share the scone recipe. Saw the Instagram pic and they looked yummy! I've tried so many scone recipes and they just never seem right. I need a tried and true one.

    Posted 10.3.17 Reply
  2. Katie88 wrote:

    Hey there! I've been loving all of your sweater recommendations lately. I was wondering, how do you store your knits and sweaters? I have some hung up, some in drawers, and some laid out on a shelf in my closet. Nothing really works that well, they either get wrinkly or get marks from the hangers (I have soft wide hangers too). Anyway, any suggestions would be great. Same if you have a trick to handwashing them.

    Posted 10.6.17 Reply
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