A Look Inside Our Home: Our Living Space

I'm so happy to finally take you inside our main living space in our home! We live in a two-story townhouse, with bedrooms and my studio upstairs, so much of our time at home is spent in our living space. I fell in love with this place the first time we walked through it and was so excited about putting together our first home. It's been a work in progress and I've changed/added a few things since we moved in August, but it works really well for us now. 

Have a look inside:

Globe | Wood Decorative Box (from H&M, similar)

Glass Box (from Anthropologie, similar) | Aloe Plant (from Target)

Wood Tray | Marble Stand | Marble Coasters | Peace Bookend (from Target, no longer available)

Pillow Cover (from H&M, also love this!) | Chair

Bookshelf (from Sam's Club - similar, similar) | Mirrors and Frames (from Hobby Lobby) | Grey Mirror (antique) | Marble Candle Stands (from Home Goods, similar) | Wireless Speaker | Oil Diffuser

Gold Pots | Artificial Plants | White Candles | House Lantern (small, large) | Welcome Plate (from Jo Ann Fabrics)

Letterboard | Air Plant Holders (from Target)

Pom Pom Throw (from At Home) | Boxwood Topiaries | White Candle Stands (from Ikea) | White Pillows | Accent Pillow (from Target) | Couch (Style: Option H) | Three-drawer Table (from Home Goods)

Bar betails coming in a future blog post!

Letters (Hobby Lobby)

Gold Planter (from Urban Outfitters, smaller version) | Coat Rack (similar) | Pendant Lights (from At Home) | Welcome Sign (from our wedding)

I've shared details of where most things are from throughout the post (under the photos they're featured in), as well as here. If I haven't shared the source or linked to something, it's either not available online, very old, or was a gift! 



  1. So I'm a tad late to the letter board but am now obsessed. I found the cutest on amazon with a grey background!

    1. Cute! They're a fun addition to a home :)

  2. Your place looks amazing! I love the coffee table - I have the same one but with glass.


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    1. Thank you! Mine is glass, as well, but covered over with contact paper!

  3. Love your style. Sometimes people tend to mix up simplistic style and it feels empty. Somehow you managed to keep everything stream lined, but very warm and inviting. I'm definitely taking notes!

  4. Can you come decorate my house!? How do you always manage to keep your living space look put together, cute, and organized, but still enjoy living in it?! I always have blankets strewn everywhere, we keep weights in the living room and those look awful, etc.

  5. What do you think would be the Chicago area equivalent of Haverty's in terms of furniture quality & price points?


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