The Best Gift from Our Wedding


Whenever I share myself making a latte on Instagram stories, I get quite a few questions about the machine that we have and if we like it. We don’t like it, we love it. It’s one of our most-used kitchen items that we received for our wedding, by a long shot. I like to have a “traditional” cup of coffee out of our Keurig for my first cup in the morning, but often find myself heading back down to the kitchen around 2pm for a caffeine boost from a latte!


The espresso machine was one of the very first things that we added to our wedding registry! My former roommate had this espresso machine with the separate milk frother and I used to use it all the time. I knew that Mike and I would use the life out of one in our new place, so I did a little research and settled on this one. What we really like about it are two things: you can do a lot with it and it has a self-cleaning function so it’s really convenient to use. You can program the four buttons to set your desired strength for the espresso and desired amount of milk for each type of drink. Mike enjoys a straight espresso sometimes (I blame Europe for that one!), so we have that programmed to just the right strength for him. I use it mostly for lattes, so I set it up with the right amount of milk and espresso to make the perfect latte. I usually put some vanilla syrup in my latte, as well. You can also make iced lattes, macchiatos, or just about anything that involves espresso and frothed milk.Once your drink is made, you press and hold the “clean” button to shoot hot water through the milk spout. That way, the milk container is reusable and doesn’t get all funky after each drink is made. We just remove the milk container and pop it back in the refrigerator until we’re ready for our next drink! If I know that we’ll be using a lot of milk, I’ll fill up the container. If not, I’ll fill up just about how much I need and then rinse it out. I’ve found that it doesn’t keep for more than a few days in the refrigerator and I don’t do weird-smelling milk.

On top of really loving it to make our own drinks, it’s a nice thing to offer to our guests who may want more than just a standard cup of coffee!

I’ve had some people ask about where we buy our pods for the machine. I’ve heard complaints that it’s not convenient to have a Nespresso machine because you have to go to a retail store to buy the pods, but I just buy ours on Amazon (not unlike everything else in our life)! We’re really liking this mix right now — it’s got a good amount of lighter options for me and stronger for Mike. Granted, we received the machine itself as a gift, but with the amount of money that we’ve saved not going to Starbucks regularly, I would definitely buy the machine. It’s hard to beat the convenience of making yourself a drink whenever you’re craving it!



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full disclosure: our coffee bar is setup in a dark, dungeonous corner of our kitchen, so I recreated it in a more well-lit space for these photos!

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  1. I find ordering from Nespresso's website to be convenient and as easy as Amazon. They have an auto-renew feature much like subscribe & save.

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